The Brock Turner Mug Shot The Police Really Didn’t Want You To See

June 7, 2016 - photo frame


Jun 6, 2016 6:09 pmUpdated: Jun 7, 2016 8:05 am

CREDIT: Santa Clara County Sheriff

The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department has finally expelled a mugshot of Brock Turner, a ex-Stanford tyro found guilty of rape, who was formerly represented in a media by a smiling annual photo in that he’s wearing a fit and tie. However, a expelled mugshot was taken during Turner’s Jun 2 sentencing trial. Later Monday evening, a strange mugshot, taken in Jan 2015, was also released:

The recover of a photos comes after a prolonged afternoon of back-and-forth between reporters and a sheriff’s department, who seemed wavering to make a mugshot public. Typically, officials make assailant mugshots simply accessible online or by open request, following custom to keep courts as pure and open as possible.

Not in this case.

Turner was primarily arrested by a Stanford Department of Public Safety in January, 2015. The SDPS, however, runs underneath a office of a Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department — though that didn’t assistance in receiving any annals associated to his arrest. When reporters requested a mugshot, officials during SDPS pronounced that SCSD was obliged for pity a photo. But SCSD pronounced SDPS was obliged to releasing a mugshot. The sheriff’s dialect initial incited in a mugshot taken during final week’s sentencing trial. He appears to be dressed in a suit.

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Friend Of Stanford Rapist Blamed Victim, Urged Judge Not To Be ‘Politically Correct’

Prior to a release, reporters and passionate attack impediment advocates voiced dissapoint over what they saw as a tactical move to safety Turner’s image.

One Twitter user, Kelly Ellis, posted screenshots from past Washington Post articles to make a indicate that Turner was being treated differently in a press. In stories about black group convicted of rape, any is headed by a mugshot of a male arrested. In contrast, Ellis forked out, a Washington Post’s initial story about Turner’s crime was headed with a smiling, athletic print of Turner, white, that seems taken from a propagandize yearbook.

This inspection comes on a heels of Turner’s sentencing trial, where a decider condemned a 20-year-old to a small 6 months in a county jail for raping a comatose woman. The judge’s preference was shabby by a trial news that included a letter from one of Turner’s friends who pronounced that he wasn’t a “real rapist” and that he was pang from “the preference of a lady who doesn’t remember anything though a volume she drank to press charges.”

This post has been updated with a 2015 mugshot.

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