That ‘powerful’ NFL domestic assault Super Bowl ad was formed on a essence …

February 1, 2015 - photo frame

nfl domestic attack super play adYouTube/NoMoreOrgThe tagline for a NFL’s Super Bowl PSA.

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The NFL ran a domestic attack recognition ad during this year’s Super Bowl.

The hard-hitting 60-second blurb eschewed tangible images of attack and was instead is formed on genuine 911 call, which was posted on Reddit

The lady rang 911, seeking to sequence a pizza. At initial a user was confused as to because she was job 911 to classify a pizza smoothness before realizing she was subtly job for help. The user went on to get a caller’s residence and done certain assistance was on a way.

In a ad, a camera does not concentration any of a people involved, though instead a camera pans around a residence where it’s transparent a scuffle has taken place. Books are strewn opposite a floor, a carpet appears to have been scrunched up, there are cracks on a wall and a print support with a design of a lady lays crushed on a floor.

Twitter users described a ad as “powerful.”



 The ad aims to lift recognition of a NFL’s “No More” debate that is operative to put a stop to domestic attack and passionate assault. The NFL donated a possess airtime for a Super Bowl mark and paid prolongation costs, Adweek reports. 

It forms partial of a long-running beginning as a joining is still disorder from a open cheer over a doing of Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice’s attack of his fiancee. The league’s commissioner Roger Goodell was heavily criticized for usually suspending Rice for dual games after he allegedly knocked his now-wife unconscious.  The joining later dangling Rice indefinitely after TMZ published footage of a incident. 

Here’s a commercial:

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