Ten frightful hacks we saw during Black Hat and DEF CON

August 13, 2015 - photo frame

Security researchers and hackers collected in Las Vegas over a past week to uncover off and learn about a latest vulnerabilities that impact inclination and program that a universe relies on each day. Black Hat and DEF CON, a world’s tip confidence conferences, did not disappoint.

Hackers can disaster with a song in your car, and afterwards means we to crash

The prominence of this year’s Black Hat discussion was a remote penetrate of a Jeep Cherokee and other Fiat Chrysler vehicles, demonstrated by confidence researches Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek.

The conflict was a perfection of a year of perfected work that concerned reverse-engineering automobile firmware and communications protocols. It eventually authorised a dual researchers to penetrate into a automobile infotainment systems over mobile information connectors and take over brake, steering and other vicious systems. The investigate forced Chrysler to recall 1.4 million automobiles so they could be patched and stirred a car cybersafety legislative proposal from a U.S. Congress.

Rootkits in your CPU are now a thing

Researcher Christopher Domas from a Battelle Memorial Institute disclosed a design smirch in Intel’s x86 CPU microarchitecture that dates behind to 1997. The vulnerability, that affects all Intel CPUs comparison than a second era Core processor family, also famous as Sandy Bridge, can be leveraged to implement a rootkit into a deepest collection of a system, a System Management Mode (SMM). This can make malware undetectable to confidence products and allows enemy to reinfect a handling complement even after a finish wipe.

Intel released firmware updates for some of a server and desktop motherboards, though other manufacturers have to follow suit. Since Sandy Bridge was expelled in 2011, comparison play competence not even be upheld anymore and competence not accept updates. Even if they do, it’s doubtful many users will implement a updates, so unprotected systems will still be around for years to come.

Critical vulnerabilities put hundreds of millions of Android inclination during risk

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