TECH REVIEW: PhotoSpring digital support keeps your photos orderly and prepared to share

May 11, 2018 - photo frame

Jim Rossman

The 16-gigabyte PhotoSpring can reason about 15,000 photos or 40 mins of video and costs $149. A 32-gigabyte chronicle binds twice as most for usually $169. (PhotoSpring)

Once we have a images you’d like to display, we can simply set a PhotoSpring in a wharf and a slideshow will start by itself. (PhotoSpring)

Jim Rossman

The 16-gigabyte PhotoSpring can reason about 15,000 photos or 40 mins of video and costs $149. A 32-gigabyte chronicle binds twice as most for usually $169. (PhotoSpring)

Once we have a images you’d like to display, we can simply set a PhotoSpring in a wharf and a slideshow will start by itself. (PhotoSpring)

I have to admit, I’ve never purchased a digital imitation frame.

I’ve perceived a few as gifts over a years, though we wasn’t tender with those early offerings, and we never chose to arrangement them in my home. Those frames were tiny and a peculiarity of a design on a shade was not really good.

I’m happy to contend digital imitation frames have come a prolonged approach in a final 10 years, and I’ve been contrast a PhotoSpring, a connected digital support that is good adequate to acquire a mark in my vital room.

What does it do?

The PhotoSpring (starting during $149, competence demeanour like an iPad and shares some facilities with inscription computers, though it has a singular purpose — it is a wireless arrangement for your photos and videos.

Unlike early digital imitation frames that usually sat on a shelf, a PhotoSpring has a four-hour rechargeable battery so we can take a support with we to suffer on a lounge or pass around during your subsequent family reunion.

Unlike those early digital frames that we commissioned with a USB pier or memory card, a PhotoSpring gets a calm wirelessly. You have to have Wi-Fi to setup and send photos and videos to a frame.

At home, a PhotoSpring sits in a charging dock. You can asian a support plumb or horizontally, and it’ll happily lay there all day scrolling by your photos.

If we wish to suffer a cinema tighten up, take it off a wharf and reason it in your path and we can watch a cinema corkscrew by or use a reason shade to appropriate by them manually.

Loading a content

You bucket photos and videos to a PhotoSpring by your Windows or Macintosh mechanism or from your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

You’ll emanate an criticism on PhotoSpring’s website and couple a support to a criticism during a support setup.

On a mechanism we can possibly send a photos by a web browser or by a PhotoSpring app.

On your mobile device, you’ll need a PhotoSpring app.

For example, on my iPhone, with a PhotoSpring app installed, we sealed into my PhotoSpring criticism and was means to select photos from my camera hurl to send to a frame.

I could also select to send all a photos to a support as we take them with a phone.

You can also select to send videos as prolonged as they are reduction than one gigabyte in size.

Photos and videos do not live on PhotoSpring’s server. You upload a photos to PhotoSpring, though they usually stay there prolonged adequate to rebound over to a frame.


If we wish, we can concede others to send photos to your PhotoSpring frame.

Those people will need to emanate their possess PhotoSpring account, and you’ll have to give them accede to bond with your support from your PhotoSpring account.

Once a permissions are established, they can send photos to your frame, though they can’t see other cinema on your support or undo any equipment from your frame.

You don’t have to have a mechanism to conduct a guest connections. You can discharge guest entrance by a frame’s Settings.

Using a frame

The user interface for a PhotoSpring is flattering slick. Photos eliminated to a support land in an manuscript of all content. Once we get adequate photos on there to wish to conduct them, we can apart them into playlists (slideshows) and even censor those we don’t wish to be enclosed in slideshows.

Pick adult a support and reason a shade and you’ll see icons seem during a edges of a shade to concede we to do things like start and stop slideshows, set a imitation as a favorite, filter a manifest photos and conduct playlists. You can also censor or undo photos.

You can also enter settings to change a volume of time any imitation is displayed in a slideshow, reset a Wi-Fi information.

Once we have a images you’d like to display, we can simply set a PhotoSpring in a wharf and a slideshow will start by itself. If we collect adult a support to demeanour during photos, we double daub a shade to stop a slideshow and afterwards we can flip by all a cinema as we like.

The PhotoSpring also has speakers to play sound for your videos.


The PhotoSpring support has a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a fortitude of 1,280 x 800 pixels. It has a four-hour lithium-ion battery. The support measures 11.2” x 7.9” x .8” and weighs 1.6 pounds.

It has 802.11 b/g/n networking.

Compatible formats for photos are JPG, PNG and GIF. Video formats embody MOV, MP4, M4V and AVI.

There are twin 2-watt stereo speakers for video playback.


The 16-gigabyte PhotoSpring can reason about 15,000 photos or 40 mins of video and costs $149. A 32-gigabyte chronicle binds twice as most for usually $169. Do yourself a preference and spend a additional $20 for double a storage. Available support colors are white, black, maroon, turquoise, sea froth immature or sky blue.


I’m tender with a flexibility of a PhotoSpring. Getting cinema and videos to it was straightforward. Sharing a entrance was easy and worked perfectly.

The cinema demeanour really good, nonetheless a aspect ratio was not ideal for observation all pictures.

This is a good support for relatives or grandparents who adore to uncover off photos to their friends.

Once grandma and grandpa get a PhotoSpring support and afterwards share a entrance with all their kids and grandkids, they’ll be utterly happy flipping by all a lovable grandkid photos.

Pros: Easy to set up. Photos can be common from a accumulation of sources. Super design quality.

Cons: Wi-Fi compulsory to bucket photos. Screen aspect ratio doesn’t compare my iPhone’s photos.

Bottom Line: This is a support that’ll make pity photos super easy — and they demeanour great.



Jim Rossman writes for The Dallas Morning News. He might be reached during

Copyright 2018 Tribune Content Agency.

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