Taylor Swift Groping Trial: DJ Says He May Have Touched Her ‘Ribs’

August 9, 2017 - photo frame

An eight-person jury in Denver began conference testimony on Tuesday in a hearing of Taylor Swift vs. Colorado DJ David Mueller.

Mueller is indicted of grabbing Swift on a bum though her accede during a revisit backstage during a Pepsi Center in Denver, in Jun 2013. Mueller is seeking compensation, progressing that Swift’s stating a occurrence led to Mueller being dismissed from his pursuit during internal radio hire KYGO.

A print of a incident, in that Mueller’s palm is positioned out of steer though behind Swift, was shown during opening statements and mixed times via Tuesday’s testimony from Mueller. He regularly denied inappropriately touching Swift, and described how he remembered a moment.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Groping Trial Begins on Monday

Mueller settled that he didn’t wish to go to a Sunday night concert, since he had to work a morning uncover change early a subsequent day. After station in line for some-more than an hour, Mueller and his then-girlfriend and colleague, Shannon Melcher, entered a print counter room where Swift was accessible to accommodate and poise for photos.

Mueller testified that he and Melcher were in a room with Swift and 5 other people: Swift, a photographer, a personal assistant, a debate manager, and a bodyguard.

Mueller pronounced that something happened that caused him to interpretation that Swift was behaving “cold and standoffish” toward him, terms he also used formerly in a deposition.


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“When she didn’t entice me over to poise with a photograph, we deliberate that cold and aloof toward me,” Mueller pronounced during Tuesday’s testimony. “She wasn’t that approach toward Shannon. we consider everybody deserves veteran respect. She didn’t acquire me to a photograph.”

Mueller also pronounced he felt “invisible,” as if Swift had lost him, in a 30 to 40 seconds that he and Melcher were benefaction in a print counter room.

“At roughly a same time that [Swift] pronounced ‘Let’s take a photo’ or ‘How about a photo,’ she put her right arm around Shannon [Melcher] and pulled her close, and a dual of them incited toward a photographer, who was to Taylor’s left and my left,” he said. “I incited and saw a photographer for a initial time.”

He pronounced a photographer was regulating an iPhone or an iPad to take photos, and that he “immediately started moving” to get into a print frame.

“I incited toward a photographer and we had my right arm extended with my palm sealed and my palm confronting down,” he said.

Swift’s attorney, J. Douglas Baldridge, pronounced during opening statements that Mueller has altered his story about a incident, and referenced one matter that Mueller had finished previously, that he could not have “done it” since his palm behind Swift was in a fist.

Mueller also referenced a fist during doubt from his possess attorney, Gabriel McFarland, who asked if it was a change in Mueller’s position to contend that he denied a indictment since his palm was in a fist.

“My palm was closed,” Mueller said. “I don’t know what he was referring to, we couldn’t have finished ‘it’ if we didn’t know what ‘it’ was was. … we don’t consider it was a change of position.”

After a print was taken, Mueller testified that Swift shook his palm and that he and Melcher exited a print counter room and changed along to other areas during a venue. Shortly after, Mueller was approached by a male he believed was a confidence officer, who showed him a print and indicted him of grabbing Swift.

During Tuesday’s hearing proceedings, Baldridge placed into justification a request containing records that Mueller took during a phone call with his talent agent, Heather Cohen, executive clamp boss of The Weiss Agency. The call occurred on May 29, 2013, 4 days before a occurrence backstage between Mueller and Swift. The records settled that KYGO module executive during Lincoln Financial Media, John Dimick, was prepared to cancel both Mueller and his morning uncover co-host, Ryan “Ryno” Kliesch, due to insubordination.

During his testimony, Mueller described his attribute with his approach supervisor, KYGO module executive Eddie Haskell, as “difficult.” When asked if Mueller formerly purported that it was Haskell who had inappropriately overwhelmed Swift’s buttocks, he responded, “No.”

“In my mind, it wasn’t as if Eddie was admissing or revelation to doing that,” Mueller said. “I only suspicion he was revelation one of his nonsensical stories.”

When McFarland questioned his client, he asked about where and how accurately a hit between Mueller and Swift occurred.

“My palm came into hit with partial of her body,” Mueller said. “I felt what seemed to be or seemed to be a rib enclosure or a rib, ribs.”

Mueller also pronounced that his palm and Swift’s palm touched, and his arm and Swift’s arm overwhelmed as they acted together for a photo.

He responded, “No, we did not,” when asked if he overwhelmed Swift inappropriately during any time.

“It’s not called inapt touching,” Baldridge said. “It’s assault.”

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