Switchfoot during Stage AE: Snap a photo, see a unity

October 15, 2016 - photo frame

Switchfoot’s opening during Stage AE on Oct. 12 started early. It started during Relient K’s opening set when Jon Foreman, Switchfoot’s lead singer, ran on theatre for a finish of a final song, “Deathbed.” At this, a demeanour of warn came over a face of Matt Thiessen, Relient K’s frontman.
click to enlarge PHOTO BY CALEB MURPHY

If we snapped a print of Foreman and Thiessen singing together on that one mic, both with large smiles, that would be a support that could paint a rest of a show.

Switchfoot’s summary is unity. Many times during a show, Foreman stepped opposite a space between a theatre and a front-row separator to hold people’s hands. During their fourth song, “Gone,” he speedy assembly members to close arms with a chairman subsequent to them and lean with a music.

Snap. Another support display a love-thy-neighbor atmosphere a rope brings.

A small later, all 5 rope members huddled around Foreman’s mic, Chad Butler (drums) on a snare, Tim Foreman (bass) singing, Drew Shirley (guitar) on acoustic guitar and Jerome Fontamillas (keyboard) on accordion. The 5 of them had their arms around any other, singing, “Hello hurricane, you’re not enough. Hello hurricane, we can’t overpower my love,” in respect of Haiti, that Hurricane Matthew recently devastated.

Snap. A support display how they’ve turn a rope of brothers, station adult for a broken.

Soon, a lights went off and Foreman was walking around theatre with a flashlight, singing, “I’m looking for America. America, where are you?” This led into, “The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues).” With a guitar riff that could be mistaken for one of AC/DC’s, a lyrics go, “This is a sound of a heartbeat. This is a sound from a discontented mouths of a condemned nation.” All a while, footage from a Civil Rights Movement played on a screens behind a band.

click to enlarge PHOTO BY CALEB MURPHY

Snap. A support emotional for redemption.

Multiple times via a night, Foreman stepped down into a crowd, high-fiving as he pushed by a sea of people, singing with those around him. While throng surfing during a strain “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight,” Foreman garnered a grin from people during a mangle in singing.

“Sometimes we consternation how we get to these places,” he pronounced as people’s hands hold him above heads.

Snap. A support display trust in your fans to lift we by a air.

Soon after, Relient K motionless to repay a preference and pile-up Switchfoot’s set. Foreman welcomed Thiessen and Matt Douglas (Relient K’s drummer) to a theatre to sing a finish of “Live It Well.”

“Life is short, we wanna live it well,” they all sang. “And you’re a one I’m vital for.”

Snap. Another support that shows people fastening over music.

As a night wound down, confetti shot out of cannons from possibly side of a stage, cities of froth floated around a packaged room, and Foreman kneeled in front of a half disco round during “Float.”

And then, right before personification a really final strain of a evening, “Dare You To Move,” Foreman put into difference a atmosphere of a room.

“This is one of those nights,” he said. “You only kind of don’t wish it to end.”


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