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February 2, 2015 - photo frame

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NEW YORK (AP) – If you’re articulate about Super Bowl ads with co-workers on Monday, you’re not alone.

Advertisers attempted to win over Americans during a diversion – some attempted critical themes, while others went with humor. With 30-second ads costing $4.5 million for a possibility to marketplace their code to 110-plus million Americans, advertisers were creation a large bet. And only like a game, there were winners and losers:



Sticking to a winning regulation of puppies and Clydesdales, Brewer Anheuser-Busch’s ad shows a Labrador puppy chasing after a iconic Budweiser Clydesdales that are being changed to a new stable. The tune, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” achieved by Sleeping during Last, plays in a background.


The automaker was a warn strike before a kickoff with a mark that seemed to be a live diversion feed that unexpected incited to immobile and afterwards a vacant screen. It turns out it was a gimmick to prominence a fact that a Chevrolet Colorado has 4G LTE Wi-Fi, so viewers could tide a diversion in a automobile if they indispensable to.


Two Esurance ads showed singer Lindsay Lohan being a “sorta” mom and Bryan Cranston as “Breaking Bad” impression Walter White being a “sorta” pharmacist to uncover when it comes to automobile word “sorta” doesn’t cut it.


Chrysler scored with 3 spots. For an ad compelling Fiat’s 2016 Fiat 500xcrossover vehicle, Chrysler used humor, display an comparison Italian integrate removing frolicsome in a bedroom. When a man’s “blue pill” goes drifting out a window, it lands in a gas tank of a Fiat, causing circuitously women to give a automobile a second glance. A voiceover says a new Fiat is “bigger some-more absolute and prepared for action.”


McDonald’s ad surrounds a graduation in that it will incidentally name business to compensate for their orders with acts of love, like a high-five or a call to a relative. The graduation starts Monday and runs by Feb. 14.


“Mindy Project” star Mindy Kaling walks around New York desiring she is invisible and doing shameful acts, including sitting exposed in Central Park and going by a automobile wash. Then she tries to lick Matt Damon though he can see her. The suspicion is Nationwide doesn’t provide we like you’re invisible.


The 30-second ad recreates a famous Brady Bunch part in that a oldest daughter, Marcia, gets strike in a nose with a football. Movie “Machete” star Danny Trejo plays “Marcia” in a ad and actor Steve Buscemi plays Jan, her sister.



In one of a many critical ads of a night, Nationwide showed a child roving a propagandize train and wailing he’ll never learn to fly, or transport a universe with his best friend, or even grow up, since he died in an accident. The ad for Nationwide was directed during interlude preventable childhood accidents.

“The idea of that ad was really good, though it’s only personification with glow focusing on an adolescents’ genocide in a context of a Super Bowl,” pronounced Charles Taylor, selling highbrow during a Villanova School of Business in Pennsylvania.


The weight-loss services provider portrayed a big-brother like montage of, doughnuts, pizza and other greedy food with an meaningful voiceover observant “You gotta eat, right?” providing one of a few creepy moments of a evening. The tagline is “It’s time to take behind control.”

The idea was to foster a weight detriment services, though some suspicion that a summary was lost. It was one of a ads removing a many disastrous feedback from viewers on a observation row of Villanova’s Taylor. “Some people are observant it done them wish to eat some-more than anything,” he said.


The ad for a toe mildew diagnosis showed charcterised toes personification football, though it did not win over all viewers.

“If you’re going to do an ad for toenail mildew it indispensable to be funny, and it wasn’t,” pronounced Super Bowl spectator Naomi Zikmund-Fisher, a psychotherapist from Ann Arbor, Mich.

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