Stunning Photos Capture NYPD Cops Just Moments After Violent Hatchet Attack …

October 29, 2014 - photo frame

Dominick Williams was walking along Jamaica Avenue in Queens, New York, final week when he saw 4 New York Police Department officers station in a poise that he suspicion looked “pretty dope.”

The Motion View Pictures photographer asked a cops if he could take their picture and “reasonably we got a ok,” he wrote on Facebook. Williams began holding a few shots though within seconds found himself in a middle of a aroused conflict involving a hatchet and an assailant after identified as Zale Thompson, who was labeled by a military commissioner as a homegrown terrorist.

“[…] As we ensue to uncover a 4 officers a photos, a gentlemen charges from my left (with a hatchet) in spin would be a 4 officers right, we can contend blind side,” Williams wrote in a Facebook post final Friday. “The officer on a distant right finish of a print hollers, observant ‘watch out’. The initial officer from a left takes present prevision as a gentlemen with a hatchet takes his initial pitch with impassioned force and misses.

“The gentlemen with a hatchet presumes to a second officer from a left of a photo,” Williams continued. “The second officer a bit slow, dodges a second pitch from a gentlemen with hatchet. The gentlemen creates his third try throwing a second officer on a right of his head.

“The second officer is now down found bleeding with a large indenture on a right of his head. Shots are now dismissed (estimate of seven).”

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