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October 7, 2014 - photo frame

Wilton tyro photographer Luiza Goncalves’ work will be featured in a photography uncover during Rockwell Art and Framing in Wilton. (Skye Volmar photo)

Wilton tyro photographer Luiza Goncalves’ work will be featured in a photography uncover during Rockwell Art and Framing in Wilton. (Skye Volmar photo)

Ever given receiving a video camera for her birthday 5 years ago, Wilton High School comparison Luiza Goncalves’ seductiveness in and adore of art has flourished.

“From afterwards on, we got some-more and some-more into video and photography,” pronounced Luiza, whose work will be featured in a tyro photography uncover during Wilton’s Rockwell Art and Framing, 378 Danbury Road, on Thursday, Oct. 9 by Tuesday, Nov. 4.

“Most of a pieces that will be shown during a gallery are things we worked on for my AP Art 2D portfolio final year,” pronounced Luiza.

“My concentration was twins, that we used roughly as a embellishment for a dualities of life.”

Photography by Luiza Goncalves.

“What’s Clear Here” by Luiza Goncalves.

Luiza pronounced she enjoys photographing people.

“I find it unequivocally engaging — only a approach humans correlate or when we see another tellurian — their face, lips, eyes — they only pull we in,” she said. “It’s also fun to work with people when you’re photographing them.”

Luiza pronounced she is also into images that conjure feelings and emotions.

“I like images that are tender and absolute and pronounce on their own,” she said. “I like images that make we doubt things — photographs that elicit certain feelings or emotions.”

Luiza pronounced around 12 of her photographs will be featured in a Rockwell Art Gallery.

Photography by Luiza Goncalves.

“Taurus” by Luiza Goncalves.

“I have been Luiza’s photography clergyman for a modernized photography category during Wilton High School,” pronounced art clergyman Susanne Brandt.

“I worked with Luiza this summer on a Kit Smith Award as a confidant for a project. we have been aiding Luiza in matting and framing all her pieces for a show.”

The Christopher “Kit” Smith Award is a extend a Wilton Education Foundation gives any year to one tyro who pursues eccentric study, enrichment, research, or another plan during his or her youth year that advantages a goal of a substructure and complements a missions of Wilton High School and Wilton Public Schools. It is named for a former boss of a foundation.

“I nominated Luiza for this endowment and she will have on arrangement some infrared photographs, as good as double-exposure images, that is a work she finished for her office of an eccentric investigate this summer,” pronounced Ms. Brandt.

Photography by Luiza Goncalves.

“Exploring Decay” by Luiza Goncalves.

As a target of a Kit Smith Award, Ms. Brandt said, partial of Luiza’s endowment is to have her work displayed for a open to view.

Ms. Brandt pronounced Wilton High School youth Grace Deluca and former Wilton High School tyro Kate Bell will also have their works featured in a tyro photography show.

“Grace is now in my modernized photography category and will have dual photographs framed and will have some-more photographs from Acoustic Wilton in a slip show,” pronounced Ms. Brandt.

“Kate graduated final year and we will embody some of her photographs in a slip uncover and will support one to hang on a wall.”

Ms. Brandt pronounced she motionless to embody a photographs from Acoustic Wilton since she wanted to showcase some of a “incredible” photographs a girls took there.


“Gemini” by Luiza Goncalves.

Luiza pronounced nonetheless she is looking brazen to receiving feedback about her work during a tyro photography show, she is also a small nervous.

“My mom and father invited a garland of people we don’t unequivocally know that well, like my father invited my sister’s soccer and basketball teams,” pronounced Luiza.

“It’s kind of nerve-wracking since we don’t know what they’re going to consider or if they’re going to like it.”

When it comes to her art, Luiza said, it’s critical for her “to only get it out there and get people to demeanour during it and hopefully suffer it.”

Ms. Brandt pronounced Luiza s a “very talented” photography tyro with whom she has enjoyed operative over the past 3 years.

“I trust Luiza has a talent and ability to have a career one day operative in a photography and/or video field,” pronounced Ms. Brandt.

“The name of her uncover is ‘Beginning,’ and to me, this uncover is a ‘beginning’ of her art career.”

There will be a two-hour opening accepting for a tyro photography uncover during Rockwell Art and Framing on Thursday, Oct. 9, commencement during 4 p.m.

There will be song by a Acoustic Wilton musicians, and refreshments will be served.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10-5:30; Saturday, 10-5.

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