For those looking to share photos while conserving shelf space, a Binghamton University tyro has combined a cloud-connected design support that can do accurately that.

Tremayne Stewart, a first-year connoisseur tyro study mechanism engineering, founded SharedMemories, a cloud-connected design support that has a ability to arrangement a accumulation of photos by a tablet-like guard bound to demeanour like a design frame.

Stewart pronounced a suspicion came to him during his revisit to his grandfather in Jamaica. Walking by his grandfather’s vital room and looking during a several photos on a shelf, Stewart suspicion about if there was a approach to arrangement these photos that would not take adult as most shelf space, nonetheless would also be elementary adequate for his grandfather to use. The suspicion took off a month after when he was wondering what he could give his kin for a holidays, and he shortly got to work.

“My grandfather had a wall full of design frames that he only kept adding to over time,” Stewart said. “I thought, wouldn’t it be cold if we could send him photos that he wouldn’t have to find room for on his wall?”

On Black Friday, Stewart picked adult several design frames as good as Kindle Fire tablets to emanate his product. He afterwards nude a tablets of some of their functions to re-engineer them and bond them with an focus he wrote to privately bond a tablets with Google Drive and arrangement photos on a monitor. The device’s tie with Google Drive is what he claims creates his product elementary and easy to use.

“The tablets that we have are secure and nude down of a lot of things,” Stewart said. “It was afterwards repurposed to work in a some-more back-end form of way. The approach a product works is that we couple any inscription to Google Drive, that has entrance to one’s photos. we afterwards supply a user with a username and cue and once they pointer in, a inscription shares their photos on display. They can afterwards serve share photos with who they wish to share it with and emanate a tradition expostulate in that their friends and family can simply upload photos that would afterwards be automatically displayed on a tablet.”

On Cyber Monday, Stewart common his product outline around Facebook and listed them for $80 each. Within 5 to 7 hours, Stewart perceived $560 in remuneration for a product from friends, BU connoisseur students and others who listened of a product by word-of-mouth. So far, Stewart has sole 10 inclination and expects some-more inquires to come.

“At a finish of a day, we only done this product for my grandpa, though people keep arrangement interest,” Stewart said. “So as prolonged as a direct keeps entrance in, I’ll keep with it.”
Shannon Van Loan, ‘16, pronounced she was meddlesome in a product when she saw it on Facebook, and purchased one for her family.

“I saw him post about his suspicion and was intrigued,” Van Loan wrote in an email. “My kin are relocating shortly with my grandmother who doesn’t even have a dungeon phone. we figured a product would be a unequivocally cold approach to keep them all updated on cave and my sisters lives!”

Kimberly Jaussi, associate highbrow of organizational function and leadership, voiced her fad of a innovative and entrepreneurial aspiration she sees function here during BU.

“Students here during Binghamton are starting implausible new businesses and formulating unequivocally innovative products,” Jaussi wrote in an email. “It’s a splendidly sparkling and energizing time to watch these ideas thrive and grow into viable marketplace products and services.”