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May 8, 2015 - photo frame

Last year’s boots featured rows and rows of straps. Well, conform is always usually a step forward of home décor. So it was a pleasure to see seat and home accessories with that same attractive courtesy to fact during a open seat marketplace in High Point final month.

The beauty of strappy seat is in a ability to boyant in space. Indoors or out, open wobble construction has an ethereal appeal. Made Goods introduced a thespian Elizabethan-style chair called Aurora. A steel bottom and fake rattan straps, teak legs, and weatherproof fabric emanate a chair that is not usually fashion-forward, though that can mount adult to a elements. Available in white or brown, don’t extent it to a outdoors.

Strictly indoors, a Soren Chair by New Pacific Direct combines black leather cushions, a walnut support and lots of straps crossed in a solid pattern. Midcentury complicated decors can advantage severely from a turn shape. The chair’s styling can alleviate a edges of some-more bony upholstered furnishings many mostly seen in this character of decor.

Lighting was not to be outdone. Currey and Company, one of a longtime trendsetters, introduced several strappy numbers. The Trellis chandelier, done from wrought iron, was finished in a soothing coronet patina called Cupertino.

Currey’s Cooksbridge compare combines a shade of transparent potion stone straps with an outdoor support of black cleared steel straps. Measuring 14 inches in diameter, it is elite for a kitchen or a tiny hallway. The character works beautifully with industrial décor, still a prohibited trend, or in a contemporary setting.

Nesting tables with strappy bases were everywhere during market. An all-time decorators’ favorite, these tiny workhorses have good versatility. There were strappy slim list bases of woven gold, china and black metal.

Straps also yield settlement and texture, dual of a many critical elements in some-more monochromatic bedrooms and aren’t as severe as perplexing to compare a printed fabric pattern. You have introduced engaging objects that mix with their vicinity though fighting for attention.

I cite decorating trends that concede everybody to play along though spending a fortune. It’s easy to move this trend into your home with a few well-placed accessories. Look for handle baskets with a clever straight or plane weave, though not a multiple of a two.

Photo frames or wall mirrors assembled of handle strips, leather straps or bend accents can assistance lift a demeanour into your existent décor. Just don’t overdo it. One such appendage on a coffee table, grate mantel or bookshelf is all we need. Too many and a trend gets mislaid in clutter.

Color is another pivotal element. For chairs, dim colors as good as white emanate that floating effect. Bright tones such as red or yellow mount out from a landscape. If we wish to make a statement, go bold. When you’re perplexing to fit some-more into a tiny space, go dim or white.

Your habit needs a new span of boots any deteriorate to give it a lift. So does your home’s décor. Try a new strappy chair, list or chandelier. You might find this new trend is a ideal fit.

Vicki Payne is a Charlotte-based writer and horde of “For Your Home,” accessible on PBS, Create TV, and in syndication. Reach her during

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