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April 12, 2015 - photo frame

Question: we have a cordless phone in my townhouse. we consider my neighbors are listening to my calls. What can we do?

Answer: Buy a new cordless phone. Older cordless phones use an analog vigilance to send information between a handset and bottom station. The customarily thing a snooper needs to do to eavesdrop is get a radio receiver on a right magnitude and get tighten adequate to your residence to collect adult a signal. Not so tough to do. The newest cordless phones use DECT (stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). This adds encryption and changes a wireless magnitude to 1.9Ghz to equivocate division with Wi-Fi, microwaves and other cordless phones. Hackers have burst DECT, though it requires an expensive, high-end radio and other special hardware and software. Your neighbors aren’t going to have entrance to that kind of gear.

Surge guardian scam?

Q: We bought a new TV and a sales man insisted on a $50 swell guardian to go along with it. we saw a $5 energy support that looked like a same thing. Was a sales man perplexing to slice us off?

A: It’s loyal that some home museum accessories are approach overpriced, though in this box we do wish a some-more costly option. A swell guardian keeps your supportive wiring protected from a unchanging electrical spikes that are partial of any household, along with a rarer vast surges. Cheap energy strips customarily do embody some protection, though in a finish they unequivocally aren’t going to do much. You wish a swell guardian rated for during slightest 1,500 joules.

Minecraft obsession

Q: we listened we contend on your radio uncover that your son plays Minecraft. Mine does too, only all a time. Is anything certain entrance out of this game?

A: There are a few things that make a hours personification Minecraft a small some-more bearable. It does build creativity. Some things Minecraft players have built are truly staggering: outrageous vehicles, perplexing skyscrapers, operative analog computers, and even a whole nation of Denmark accurately to scale. Kids also learn patience, stability and teamwork.

Hit-or-miss hotel Wi-Fi

Q: we count on hotel Wi-Fi when I’m traveling, though it’s so strike or miss. Is there a approach to know how good a hotel’s Wi-Fi is before we book a room?

A: we feel your pain. Check out Hotel Wi-Fi Test and OpenSignal to see Wi-Fi speeds for specific hotels and locations. You’ll wish to check both since one competence have a plcae a other doesn’t. Of course, if you’re in a connect we can always fasten your laptop to your phone and take advantage of your mobile signal. You competence find your mobile speed is some-more unchanging in many cities than Wi-Fi.

Things to do with aged tech

Q: I’m upgrading to a new smartphone. My aged one works OK, though it’s removing a small delayed and doesn’t have a newer facilities we want. we found that we wouldn’t get most income by offered it. Is there anything else we can do with it?

A: There are many things we can do with an comparison smartphone or tablet. For example, we could spin it into a confidence camera with giveaway apps like Salient Eye (Android) and Manything (Apple), or make a inscription a digital print support with a giveaway apps Dayframe (Android) or Digital Photo Frame (Apple).

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