Sticky lawsuit: $400M brawl lingers over invention of Post-it

March 12, 2016 - photo frame

Posted: Saturday, Mar 12, 2016 11:31 am

Sticky lawsuit: $400M brawl lingers over invention of Post-it

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Alan Amron has invented a battery-powered eruption gun, a digital print frame, even a laser complement that might someday yield a manifest first-down line for fans inside NFL stadiums. He binds 40 U.S. patents, though he’s many meddlesome in an invention for that he gets no credit: a Post-it Note, that entire sticky-back product done into a worldwide success by a 3M Company.

Amron, 67, says he invented what he called a Press-on Memo in 1973, a full year before 3M scientists grown what after became famous as a Post-it Note. Although Amron staid a prior lawsuit opposite 3M, he’s suing again in sovereign justice in Fort Lauderdale. He says a association breached a prior agreement not to take credit. The allotment is confidential.

Now Amron wants $400 million in indemnification — and something he says is even some-more critical to him.  

“I only wish them to acknowledge that we am a contriver and that they will stop observant that they are a inventor,” Amron pronounced in a new interview. “Every singular day that they keep claiming they invented it indemnification my repute and defames me.”

3M, formed in Maplewood, Minnesota, says Post-it Notes were invented by 3M scientists Arthur Fry and Spencer Silver, both members of a National Inventors Hall of Fame. Silver came adult with a glue — one that could be used over and over nonetheless not blotch surfaces to that it trustworthy — and Fry a thought of regulating it for a small, yellow squares of paper to turn sticky-back notes.

“3M grown Post-it Notes but any submit or impulse from Mr. Amron and it is fake and dubious for him to state or advise that he created, invented, or had any purpose in a product’s development,” pronounced association mouthpiece Donna L. Fleming Runyon in an email.

On Friday, Runyon combined that 3M was within a rights to explain credit for formulating a Post-it Note.

“There was zero in a allotment agreement that singular what 3M could say,” she said.

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Saturday, Mar 12, 2016 11:31 am.

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