Steve Arklay Wins Nov Photo Challenge

December 30, 2016 - photo frame

What got we into roller photography?

I’ve been surfing for a best partial of 25 years and have a outrageous adore for a ocean. From 1999 to 2002 we spent my time in UK/Europe on a operative holiday and it was during this time we found a adore for photography. When we returned home to Australia, we total both passions and we have been sharpened ever since. Things have altered a lot given 2002 when we was sharpened slip and unchanging film to now when a easy to blast over 1000 digital frames in one roller session. My photography has altered a bit, too.

What do we like many about roller photography?

There are many things we like about being a roller photog. Firstly, we unequivocally suffer removing to a extraordinary places it takes me, from my internal beach (13th Beach) all a approach to Papua New Guinea. Secondly, we adore a plea of always chasing that ‘ONE’ picture we have in mind though is impossibly formidable to constraint and one we frequency capture. But mostly, we adore a stoke of holding photos afterwards pity a images with surfers, friends and family.

What’s a many formidable thing?

For me a a balancing act of any day life. Responsibilities such as work, family and other commitments. Over a final few years we have been unequivocally bustling building a Limo Bus business, operative a full time pursuit as good as being a father to a immature family. That crazy tough work is in a past now and has been partial of a devise to emanate a lot some-more time and event to follow some waves in a unequivocally nearby future.

How tough was it to constraint this image?

This picture has been 5 years in a making. This call is located in a unequivocally remote segment of Papua New Guinea that is usually permitted around a roller licence vessel PNG Explorer ( ). we have been on a PNG Explorer any year for a past 5 years finding new waves, surfing famous breaks and also sharpened a adventures. This print is during morning and we had been chasing this shot for a past 4 years. Therefore, I’m a initial chairman adult any morning removing my rigging prepared only in case. The morning colors this morning were extraordinary though their was a peace in a roller and with any finger and toe crossed this rise finally stood adult during a right time.

Who are some of your influences and why?

I’ve accommodate some flattering extraordinary people on my photography tour so distant and there are many influences such as family and friends. My biggest photography change would have to be Benjamin Walls. He is an endowment winning landscape photographer from Bristol, Virginia who we spent some time with in Colorado and also here in Australia on photography adventures ( ). Surf photographer Ed Sloane is also a large change who is from a same area as myself and we unequivocally admire his mix of movement and art in his photos. It’s also good to rebound ideas and feedback off any other from time to time to. Another change is Andrew Rigby – Captain of a PNG Explorer, who will always go a additional mile or steam around a subsequent cliff looking for new waves or chasing a new angle. But but a shade of a doubt a biggest change on my photography is my mother Bindi, as she always mans a installation during home when we leave before sunrise/sunset or take off on a roller outing and always pulling me to follow a dream.

What are your goals with roller photography?

My idea is to keep improving, keep chasing and keep a stoke to pull open some some-more doors in a roller photography attention and hopefully transport doing so. we also demeanour forwards to flitting on my believe and passion to my kids and to share transport and photography practice with them in a future.

More of Steve’s work can be noticed on his Facebook and Instagram page 


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