Squirrel Free Delivery Connects All Families

May 4, 2015 - photo frame

BEIJING, May 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mr. Li had left home to work in Beijing for a decade. He can’t wait to make a video call with his parents. “It is amazing!” pronounced Mr. Li with excitement, “I systematic for a “Squirrel intelligent print frame” this morning, and in a dusk I’m carrying video call with my relatives already, they are even not mechanism users!” Mr. Li and his relatives are accurately those people who advantage from a upgrading activity of squirrel intelligent print support -“worry-free squirrel, home of love.”

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“Worry-free squirrel, home of love” (free debugging, door-to-door service)

Upcoming Mother’s Day, Squirrel is providing a following services to a users:

Worry-free squirrel (free debugging): All buyers of squirrel intelligent print support can hit squirrel patron use to get a following services for free: pre-installment of SIM label by a engineers, activation and firm before shipping.

Home of adore (door-to-door service): All buyers can hit patron use for upgrading. “Squirrel” engineers will make a home delivery, network debugging and binding squirrel account for parents. Currently, this use is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

This means as prolonged as users buy squirrel intelligent print frame, they can finish activation of network traffic card, network debugging, and binding squirrel account. Users in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu can also suffer a payoff of door-to-door use by “squirrel” engineers. Through this service, parents can make video calls with children as prolonged as they receive squirrel intelligent print frame, without worrying that parents don’t know how to work intelligent hardware!          

Make more efforts, Save your efforts

This use upgrading has instituted a new indication for intelligent hardware for senior people. For Squirrel Network- an internet association focusing on a pattern and prolongation of mobile and intelligent homeware, “door-to-door” service is an innovative change: while all intelligent hardware companies are perplexing to “shake off their burden”, squirrel intelligent print frame assumes the big BTL responsibility of “door-to-door” service.

As for the reason of upgrading squirrel intelligent print frame service, as Du Xueqian, the CEO of Squirrel Network puts it, “squirrel intelligent print frame is a smart and caring hardware product that can relieve loneliness for a comparison and be devoted by a children. We aim to turn a bond joining relatives and children. While producing a best product for relatives with gratitude, we deeply know a hardship of their children who are operative in cities distant divided from their hometown. Though BTL use is a “heavy burden”, this is a many obligatory need for parents and their children, therefore we have to confront a difficulties. After all, someone has to mount out to do it.”

No operation for parents, no stretch for family

With innovative Zer OS system, squirrel intelligent print frame fully solves a need that relatives wish to see a photos of their children working in other places by one-touch video call. It also provides entertainments such as FM radio, online video for parents. A special “one-touch reset” duty is designed in squirrel intelligent print frame to make relatives feel protected while regulating intelligent devices. 3G network traffic card can be built in the squirrel intelligent print frame to safeguard timely communication between relatives and children even with no WiFi accessibility.

Our consideration for users resulted in far-reaching recognition of squirrel intelligent print frame since a launch in Jan this year. Squirrel has won several industrial awards such as “First Prize of WeChat Hardware Innovation Competition (Beijing Stop)”, “Prize for Most Popular 72byte Smart Hardware”, etc. 

As can be seen, squirrel intelligent print frame is indeed an elderly-oriented product with painstaking efforts and user experience. We will see the “worry-free squirrel, door-to-door service” activity boosting the upgrading of a whole intelligent hardware attention for comparison people.

Qiang Wang
+86 4000-688-566

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