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The news on Monday was good for Robert Griffin III: His left ankle is dislocated, not fractured, and it will not need surgery. He could be prepared to go again during some indicate this season.

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The news on Monday was churned for manager Jay Gruden: He could face a ethereal preference if RG3 heals fast and expects to play, regardless of Kirk Cousins’ opening in his stead.

Not that Gruden has anything though best wishes for Griffin, though life would be a lot easier if RG3 was ruled out for a season.

Aside from announcing that Griffin’s ankle will be put in a expel and evaluated serve in a integrate of weeks, Gruden offering no calendar on a quarterback’s return. The first, unavoidable “what if” was lifted shortly thereafter.

Suppose Cousins is illusory and a group is rolling. Will Griffin automatically get his pursuit behind once he’s privileged to play?

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“We’ll cranky that overpass when that comes,” Gruden pronounced during a news discussion during group headquarters. “Right now we’re going to prepared with Kirk Cousins as a starter and Robert is going to rehab. All decisions after that will come after that.”

It’s too early to make a preference now, though Gruden had to select one of 3 options for responding to a question.

He could’ve offering a usually answer that would assistance RG3 nap better: “As shortly as he’s ready, Robert is a male again, period.” That’s what a face-of-the-franchise expects to hear, though there are no guarantees when entrance off a 3-13 debate followed by muted performances in exhibitions and a deteriorate opener.

Or, Gruden could’ve offering a respond that’s substantially rolling around in his head, a answer he would give after an injection of law serum: “Are we kidding? If Cousins plays lights-out football and we’re battling for a playoffs, I’d be crazy to make a change.”

Instead of going with possibly extreme, Gruden laid adult with a ‘we’ll see.’ That safe, middle-of-the-road proceed contingency feel like a tummy shot to RG3.

Griffin exudes autarchic certainty in his ability to perform during a high level, overall, and in Gruden’s offense, specifically. But he can see that Cousins looked good in Sunday’s 41-10 shellacking of Jacksonville. Griffin knows he has struggled with footwork, mechanics, timing and decisiveness — areas where Cousins clearly has a top palm during this connection in their particular careers.

RG3 doesn’t seem to have a frail psyche, so a foe shouldn’t worry him. However, his earthy fatness is a flourishing regard for many.

He suffered a vital knee damage in college, another one during his rookie deteriorate and now a vital ankle damage that will sideline him for several weeks. The setbacks would be reduction worrisome if he was a normal quarterback whose legs weren’t obliged for vast measures of his success.

But his character of play and slight support have been exclusive with good health so far.

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