Slibstream Officially Launches Instagram Digital Photo Frame Service

January 26, 2018 - photo frame

Slibstream Officially Launches Instagram Digital Photo Frame Service London, United Kingdom, Jan 26, 2018 –(– Slibstream has launched it’s giveaway to pointer adult Instagram digital print support use from it’s domicile in London, United Kingdom. The Slibstream web app perceived accede capitulation from Instagram to use a Instagram API final week.

Slibstream is an Instagram digital print support use that runs in a web browser and requires an active WiFi connection. It places an Instagram user’s print calm and in a cold digital print support that a user can customise. Users that emanate support designs can share their Slibstream print frames with other Instagram users to enjoy.

The digital use provider offers dual levels of subscriptions: a giveaway to use and a reward plan. Users that wish to emanate their possess branded or customised digital print support can do so with a giveaway account.

The association was desirous to build Slibstream due to a latest technological advances in web browser capabilities on tablets. Slibstream uses a web app to energy a digital print support height as against to a local iOS or Android app. The Slibstream web app plays in web browsers that means it naturally works on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux phones, tablets, laptops and pcs but requiring an additional app install.

Slibstream mimics a qualities of normal digital print frames such as carrying a full shade mode and live refurbish feature. The web app has 4 other startling singular qualities: live promote of emoji and messages on a frame, customisable support designs (library of 60+ support options), colour changing print frames and users can name that of their photos play regulating their Instagram crush tags.

“We are happy to strech a launch milestone. Slibstream is a good approach for Instagram fans to use their Instagram calm in a new and sparkling way. We are looking brazen to pity a web app with a Instagram community.” -Ben Llewellyn, CEO of Slibstream

About Slibstream:
Slibstream is a trade name of Slib Design Limited. Slib Design Limited is a web growth company. The categorical concentration of Slibstream is to offer a nominal use to Instagram users that adds value to peoples lives and enables users to play their print calm on their inscription in their home only like a normal digital print frame. You can revisit a website at:

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