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SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A winter continue advisory has been released for tools of Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina by Wednesday afternoon. Road crews and internal officials are on standby for a low temperatures and soppy roads in a area Wednesday.

Link: Current closings and delays

Several propagandize systems and businesses announced delays for Wednesday morning since of a expected continue conditions. Other propagandize districts have concurred they are closely monitoring conditions though have not motionless to change schedules during this time.

Photos: Crews prepared for winter weather

Virginia Department of Transportation officials pronounced highway crews have started pre-treating interstates on both a Southside and a Peninsula.

On a Peninsula, crews are focusing anti-icing measures on Interstate 64, including ramps and bridges. They’ll also pre-treat areas around a Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel, James River Bridge and Coliseum Mall.

On a Southside, highway crews are using a brine solution on a Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and Western Freeway.

High volume routes in a Franklin and Williamsburg are also being pre-treated. Currently, all tunnels and ferries are on normal handling schedules.

York Street nearby a ancestral area of Colonial Williamsburg being pickled on Jan. 13 (Photo courtesy: Rachel West Community Manager, Colonial Williamsburg)
York Street nearby a ancestral area of Colonial Williamsburg being pickled on Jan. 13 (Photo courtesy: Rachel West
Community Manager, Colonial Williamsburg)

WAVY Weather Blogs

North Carolina Department of Transportation upkeep crews are also on standby to fight sharp highway conditions. They were sent home around noon Tuesday and will be behind out in a dusk to widespread salt and silt on bridges, overpasses, ramps and roads and highways disposed to sharp conditions.

NCDOT officials said they are not regulating a brine resolution before a wintry flood since a sleet on Tuesday would expected rinse it away.

North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives are also on standby, prepared to revive energy as fast as possible, if outages occur.

For some-more info on how crews prepared for winter continue and how to safely expostulate in a winter, click here.

WAVY Weather Alerts 

10 On Your Side reached out to several municipalities in Hampton Roads. As of Tuesday afternoon, this was their devise for city roads:

  • Chesapeake – They are monitoring and prepared to treat, nonetheless they don’t design they’ll need to. They are not pre-treating since of a hazard of rain. They have some-more than a dozen trucks.
  • Hampton – They have a organisation prepared overnight to monitor. They are means to provide if needed. They can call in some-more people. They will have “Special Services” prepared for any outages. They are monitoring conditions.
  • Newport News – They have 9 silt spreaders prepared and are examination a weather. They haven’t pre-treated since of sleet chances. They will concentration on hills and bridges first, afterwards arterial roads and delegate roads. They will not be means to provide inside neighborhoods.
  • Norfolk – They have trucks prepared and some installed with salt. Crews will go out overnight to guard a heat with a handheld temperature. They devise to provide if continue is next freezing.
  • Portsmouth – Crews are on standby and prepared if indispensable to be called in. They are not pre-treating a roads, though they are examination a weather.
  • Suffolk – They are monitoring conditions and won’t put a brine down since of a hazard of rain. They have 8 trucks to put down a disintegrating treatments. Operators are on standby. They’re gripping an eye on 2 a.m. time frame. They will provide essentially bridges and decks if needed.
  • Virginia Beach – Their “Frost Patrol” will have 3 trucks that go into 3 zones around 2:30 a.m. If temps are 35 or below, they will provide bridges, ramps, and overpasses. They are prepared for a whole winter. This Frost Patrol track is something they do any time it gets 35 or next from Nov until Mar 31.
  • Williamsburg – Crews are on standby to start pre-treating. They will get in during 2:20-3 a.m. If they see any precipitation, they will pre-treat bridges with a salt and silt mix. They have 380 tons of a salt/sand brew prepared and 4 trucks with spreaders. Focus is on bridges and overpasses, afterwards primary and delegate roads.

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