SLEEPGATE: Did Rob Gronkowski Stage This Picture of Himself Dozing during a …

February 3, 2015 - photo frame

On Tuesday afternoon, loveable Patriots parsimonious finish Rob Gronkowski tweeted this print of himself presumably sleeping during a airport.

On a surface, it’s harmless. Adorable, even. Yet there might be a dim side to this tale: after spending approach too many time staring during this print of Gronk, we during trust it might have been… staged.
Our justification is as follows:

Exhibit A. — Suspicious cropping.

If we wanted to take a selfie and make it seem candid, how would we support it? Much like Gronk did—with as small arm display as possible. But even with such apt cropping, Gronk’s right arm appears to be pointed brazen —as if holding a cellphone.

Exhibit B. — The Patriots arrived yesterday.

Not in itself damning, as a design could have been snapped before a Patriots boarded a craft in Phoenix. And a vicinity certain demeanour like an airport—or, during least, they don’t not demeanour like an airport. Yet to a eyes a check suggests representation on Gronk’s part, or on a partial of whomever runs his amicable media account.

Exhibit C. — Who sleeps like that?

Come on. That’s an “I’m sanctimonious to nap and doing a bad pursuit during it” face if we’ve ever seen one. OK, this one’s some-more surmise than science. But a many ban justification is still to come…

Exhibit D. — This twitter from teammate Chandler Jones.

The above suggests dual possibilities: Chandler Jones saw Gronk’s twitter and common a suspicions formed on a above evidence, or he saw a entertainment in question. If it’s a latter, box closed. As of press time, Jones had not returned a twitter for comment.

THE VERDICT — Inconclusive

So, did Gronk theatre this photo? Probably. But but any petrify justification or transparent watcher testimony, it’s too tighten to call.

You win this time, Gronkowski. But we’re gripping an eye on you.

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