Skylight strives to be a many elementary digital print frame

March 30, 2015 - photo frame

As technologically prone as many of us might be, that’s not always a box for a friends and family. But, only since they’re technically challenged doesn’t meant they shouldn’t be means to keep adult with a latest family happenings and share life’s many changed moments by images.

Here to assistance is Skylight, a 7” digital print frame. Built around a simple grounds a normal digital print frame, Skylight strives to take it to a subsequent turn by removing absolved of a hassles that disease some-more normal approaches to digital print frames. Most notably, a need for USB drives and SD cards to arrangement images and a need to physically be where a support is to barter out a latest photos.

Instead, Skylight relies on a single, dedicated email residence that we can send images to from any desktop or mobile device. Moments after being sent, a email and concomitant picture is perceived by a WiFi-connected frame, that will afterwards supplement a new photos to a slideshow of images.

For operation, a Skylight contingency be plugged into an outlet, as it has no inner battery. What it does have inside is 4GB value of storage to make certain there’s copiousness of room for all your photos.

Skylight will eventually sell for $119 a piece, though it won’t make it into prolongation unless it gets funded on Kickstarter. If we select to assistance get Skylight off a ground, we can collect adult a ‘Super Early Bird’ special and pre-order your Skylight for a $99 pledge.

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