Sinking feeling for Allen Craig

April 26, 2015 - photo frame

BALTIMORE — Considering he hasn’t held a mangle all season, it’s small consternation Allen Craig could not locate a falling line expostulate off a bat of Adam Jones in a 10th inning final night.

The round skittered underneath a right fielder’s glove, and his body, permitting a leadoff beat to strech third bottom with a triple and spelled a commencement of a fatal support for a Red Sox.

Jones scored simply on a scapegoat fly strike by a subsequent batter, Chris Davis, to tie a game, and afterwards David Lough strike a walkoff home run for a 5-4 Orioles victory.

Craig’s preference to go for it rather than lift adult and keep Jones to a singular is a good debate, though Craig done no excuse.

“I was flattering committed to it, we suspicion we had a good stone on it,” Craig said. “I was looking to make a diving play and we only kind of mislaid lane of it there.”

He could not contend accurately if his glove overwhelmed a round or not.

“I don’t know — we pacifist and it got past me,” he said. “It’s unfortunate. But it happens.”

Manager John Farrell gave Craig a advantage of a doubt when it came to losing lane of a ball.

“It’s a high-risk, high-reward play,” Farrell said. “He was there in copiousness of time. He mislaid a round on a dive. That was a disproportion in creation a locate or not. He’s going all-in right there. we would consider that if he feels like he gets to that area where he can’t get to a ball, he’s going to lift up, though notwithstanding a dive, he’s giving a clever effort, though he finished adult losing it in a lights.”

Craig did not wish to censure anything for a skip or a decision.

“(The lights) played a cause — we was being assertive there and only one of those plays,” he said. “Baseball. Happens. we was perplexing to be assertive and make a play for (closer) Koji (Uehara) right there so we can get out of it. It didn’t work out, though only wish to stay aggressive.”

Craig started for only a fourth time this deteriorate and, once again, had small success. He went 1-for-4, and is now batting .154 (4-for-26). His singular came with Hanley Ramirez during second bottom in a fourth inning, though Ramirez was thrown out during a plate.

And in a ninth, after a Red Sox tied a diversion during 4, Craig came adult with a bases installed and struck out swinging.

He refused to demeanour during his dusk as some-more of a same of his 2015 deteriorate so far.

“Trying to take good at-bats. we feel like I’ve been doing that. And putting good swings on a ball,” Craig said. “Hit a round tough and Hanley was doing his best to measure and it didn’t work out.”

With right fielder Shane Victorino on a infirm list, Craig’s starts competence increase.

He’ll keep a same proceed — only keep trying.

“It’ll be good — it’s always good to get out there and play and assistance a team,” he said. “Obviously we’ve got a lot of guys that are capable. Just check a lineup label when we uncover adult and if I’m in there, I’ll do a best we can.”

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