Signed print puts Kenyans in frame

April 20, 2016 - photo frame

Youngsters in a Kenyan children’s home are enjoying removing to know some of their Fleetwood friends.

A sealed sketch of Fleetwood Rotary Club members, who have a prolonged story of lifting supports for a Children of Watamu Happy House children’s home, is now hung adult there.

Some of a youngsters vital during Happy House Children’s Home in Kenya – Steve, Alex and Lucky.

The print and a watercolour painting, both combined by pier Rotarian Robert Stead, were presented by a bar to former Blackpool hoteliers, Sue and Dave Hayward, founders of Happy House home and school.

The children’s home, that provides a family home to adult to 100 orphaned deserted or neglected, and a kindergarten, primary and delegate school, that also offer a community, have turn centres of value for a approach children from contemptible misery can be cared for and educated.

And over a years, Fleetwood Rotary Club has helped to make this occur with both bar and particular support. Their many new bid came when members were given £5 and challenged to see how most they could lift with it in 3 months.

The plea brought in some-more than £1,000 which, along with a picture, was presented to Sue and Dave while they were visiting a UK.

Now they have returned to Kenya, a design has been framed and is displayed in a accepting during Happy House – most to a pleasure of a children.

Sue said: “We like a children to know about a people, all around a world, who support us and assistance to make a work possible.

“They are display a good seductiveness in who is who in Fleetwood Rotary – specifically as some members unite kids.” Local organizations meddlesome in a speak on Happy House should hit UK intentional organizer, Elizabeth Gomm during

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