Sharp says the Aquos 4K TVs will demeanour as yet they broach higher-than-4K …

January 6, 2015 - photo frame

LAS VEGAS–Sharp announced a 2015 Aquos HDTV lineup during a CES press discussion currently with copiousness of pushing and hyperbole: Sharp will offer TVs trimming from 43 to 80 inches with models sub-branded as a 4K Ultra HD, a Super Slim, and a Beyond 4K.

Sharp’s new lineup will support Android TV, that means they can download and arrangement TV-optimized apps from Google Play, and they’ll have a content-management application—dubbed SmartCentral—that allows any member of a domicile to have a personalized media account. A wallpaper underline allows families to arrangement personal photos, “allowing it to turn a largest digital design support in a home,” according to Sharp.

Looking to compute a Aquos lineup from other 4K models, Sharp is touting some petrify facilities as good as shall we contend “interesting” claims. On a petrify side, a Super Slim TV is only half-an-inch deep, that creates it as skinny as some smartphones. On a other hand, Sharp maintains that a additional yellow pixel in a Beyond 4K indication delivers 167-percent aloft fortitude than other 4K televisions. It’s so good, Sharp says, that it approaches 8K resolution.

Sharp’s president, Jim Sanduski, pronounced Aqous televisions contingency pass a 400-point investigation to safeguard they broach design peculiarity that’s as tighten as probable to what film directors intend for their work. To amplify that point, Sanduski introduced Academy-award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, whose oeuvre includes such films as Inception and Memento to plead a merits of high-resolution televisions and their impact on a observation knowledge of film.

“Subtleties of photography are of good importance,” Phister said, “as we perspective some-more calm during home, we don’t see because this knowledge should be compromised.”

Is that an Aquos endorsement? Or is Phister only observant that a knowledge of examination cinema during home should be as good as it is in a film theater?

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