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June 17, 2015 - photo frame

At a 21st birthday celebration early Tuesday morning, a fifth building patio pennyless lax from a mortar unit house, tossing 13 people about 50 feet onto a cement and hidden those adventures. Six people were killed and 7 severely injured.

“For many of my countrymen this is a favorite knowledge and to have this occur during a start of a deteriorate has left us solidified in shock,” pronounced Ireland’s San Francisco-based Consul General Philip Grant.

“My heart breaks for a parents,” pronounced Prime Minister Enda Kenny from Dublin.

Word of a tragedy widespread fast behind to Ireland, and phone lines illuminated adult as panicked kin called to check on their kids via a San Francisco Bay Area.

The passed were identified as Ashley Donohoe, 22, of Rohnert Park, California, and Ireland’s Olivia Burke, Eoghan Culligan, Niccolai Schuster, Lorcan Miller and Eimear Walsh. The Irish students attended several colleges in Dublin.

Sam McCarthy, 21, who was not during a party, pronounced his mother, who called during 4 a.m., was reassured to know he and a companionship houseful of 30 co-ed Irish and American roommates was safe.

McCarthy pronounced he was repelled by a news, and had come for a fun, eccentric summer.

“I suspicion it would be a cold experience,” pronounced McCarthy, who works during Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours in San Francisco.

Police had perceived a censure about a shrill celebration in a unit about an hour before a fumble though were still on a opposite call when a metal-rail patio gave approach usually after 12:30 a.m. It landed on a fourth-floor patio usually underneath it, withdrawal a cement strewn with rubble and a red cosmetic cups that are customary during college parties.

The U.S. government’s J-1 module brings 100,000 college students to this nation each year, many of them alighting jobs during resorts, summer camps and other attractions. The San Francisco Bay area is generally renouned with Irish students, about 700 of whom are operative and personification here this summer, according to Ireland’s Philip Grant. Many work during Fisherman’s Wharf and other traveller sites.

Sinead Loftus, 21, who attends Trinity College Dublin, pronounced Berkeley is “the Irish hub.” In fact, she said, “I’ve listened people protest there are too many people from Ireland here.”

Investigators will demeanour during such things as either a patio was built to code, either it was overloaded and either sleet or other continue enervated it, pronounced Kevin Moore, authority of a constructional standards cabinet of a Structural Engineers Association of California.

Berkeley officials pronounced a building formula during a time of construction compulsory a patio reason during slightest 60 pounds per block foot. That requirement has given been lifted to 100 pounds.

Berkeley orator Matthai Chakko pronounced officials have not totalled a patio to find out how large it was and how most weight it was built to bear formed on a 60-pound per block feet customary in place when a building went up. Chakko also pronounced there is no city requirement to post a weight limitation for balconies in apartments.

Grace Kang, a constructional operative and mouthpiece for Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center during Berkeley, pronounced a balcony’s measure looked to her to be 4 by 6 feet, or 24 block feet.

That would meant a patio should reason during slightest 1,440 pounds, a sum that approaching would have been exceeded by 13 adults. “They were packaged like sardines, and afterwards they were moving,” she said. When people are relocating it “may serve exacerbate” a strain.

Also, a unit residence was a wood-frame construction, and a patio was cantilevered out from a building, with no additional support beneath. Both can make a patio some-more exposed to dry debase and weathering in general, Kang said.

Engineering crews legalised angled damaged beams of timber adhering from a building, imprinting where a patio had snapped off. Pieces of timber came away, descending to a belligerent as a engineers overwhelmed them.

City inspectors barred use of a building’s other balconies during a investigation.

The Library Gardens apartments, finished in 2007, is in a sharp-witted partial of downtown Berkeley. Several tenants reached by write pronounced it is well-maintained.

In statements, building owners BlackRock and manager Greystar extended condolences to a victims’ families and pronounced reserve was a priority.

On a sealed travel below, a tabernacle was growing: flowers, a container of cigarettes, a Cal Berkeley banner, upraise notes. Victims’ kin were approaching to start nearing from Ireland on Tuesday night.

A 2010 Associated Press review of a J-1 module and a companies that arrange a visits found that many students paid thousands of dollars to come to a U.S., usually to learn a jobs they were betrothed didn’t exist. Some had to share beds in swarming houses or dirty apartments.

Following a investigation, a State Department tightened the manners ruling participating businesses.


Associated Press writers Olga R. Rodriguez, Paul Elias, Ellen Knickmeyer and Lisa Leff in San Francisco, Christopher Weber in Los Angeles and Bob Seavey in Phoenix contributed to this report.

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