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January 8, 2017 - photo frame

CES 2017 has already constructed copiousness of engaging announcements, yet leave it to Samsung to chuck a tech universe a bend round with a delicious teaser of a subsequent violent idea: a TV that we never spin off. Samsung calls it a Lifestyle TV, yet that competence usually be a placeholder name underneath a moniker is finalized — it was formerly listed on CES element as being called a “Samsung Frame,” so who knows — and it’s a video arrangement that is a TV when we wish it to be, yet when we travel divided it turns into something else entirely.

The Lifestyle TV looks like a outrageous wall frame, and in Samsung’s selling photos it has a confidant bullion support and thick white bezel behind glass. The core arrangement is an HDTV, and pattern preferences aside, it’s a eye-catching square of tech to contend a least, yet when we spin a tangible radio underline off, a whole thing becomes a picture frame.

Samsung’s teaser photos uncover a arrangement with several images including complicated art and family photos, and while a TV’s cultured competence be rare during first, when we see it with a portrayal or pleasing image on a arrangement it all unexpected creates a lot some-more sense.

Samsung is being quite hush-hush about a Lifestyle TV during a moment, and spent only a few sentences articulate about it during a company’s keynote today. However, Samsung did exhibit that some-more sum about a device and presumably critical information like cost and accessibility would be entrance by a finish of a year.

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