Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

February 28, 2016 - photo frame

Two of a biggest phones of a year were launched head-to-head during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. How does a smaller of Samsung’s dual 2016 flagship phones review with LG’s innovative modular handset? Let’s review a pivotal specs and features.


A incomparable battery is one of a reasons Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is thicker than final year’s GS6, nonetheless a LG G5 doesn’t kick a S7 by many in a thinness department. LG’s phone is also 6 percent wider and 5 percent taller.


The Galaxy S7 follows a pattern template of a S6 (with potion behind and aluminum frame) nonetheless adds a winding back, while LG skips a leather and cosmetic of the G4 in preference of an all-metal unibody design.

Modular design

The LG G5 has an innovative modular build, vouchsafing we wrench off a bottom territory and reinstate it with add-ons like a second battery, a camera hold with earthy photography controls or a Hi-Fi song actor (which can also be used on a own, nonetheless a phone).

We still don’t know how many these add-ons will cost, nonetheless a G5’s Modular Type pattern looks like it could be one of a initial vital innovations in smartphones from a past few years. It’s a initial flagship we can customize – and re-customize – to your possess taste.


You have 3 colors to collect from with a Galaxy S7, nonetheless so distant no US carriers are charity a china option. The LG G5 will be permitted in 4 colors, including a dark pink.


The Galaxy S7 is 4 percent lighter, nonetheless given it’s a smaller phone, a G5 has a somewhat softened size-to-weight ratio.

Display size

The G5 has an 8 percent bigger display. Those who wish a bigger Samsung smartphone can always opt for a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 corner (not enclosed in this comparison).

Display resolution

We’re looking during a same arrangement specs for a Galaxy S7 as we saw for a S6, and, like LG’s final dual flagships, a G5 also matches a razor-sharp Quad HD resolution.

Display type

No surprises here as Samsung sticks with a splendid and colourful Super AMOLED vs. a G5’s IPS.

Always-on display

Both manufacturers have come adult with always-on arrangement record so we can see a time, date and several notifications while your phone is sitting on a desk. Both Samsung and LG contend a impact on battery life is minimal.

Fingerprint sensor

Adding a finely tuned fingerprint sensor is customary use on top-end smartphones these days and a Galaxy S7 and G5 are no different. Their locations are different, though, with a Galaxy’s sensor vital inside a home symbol while a G5’s sits on a backside, subsequent a camera (similar to a Nexus 6P and 5X).


The GS7’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is what you’ll find on US, China or Japan versions – everywhere else, a phone will come with a octa core Samsung Exynos 8990 in a place.

The G5, meanwhile, will give we a same Snapdragon processor no matter where we call home.


Both handsets boat with 4 GB of RAM.


So distant US carriers are usually charity a 32 GB choice for a Galaxy S7 (see a subsequent entrance if we find that disconcerting) nonetheless everywhere else we can strike adult a inner storage to 64 GB or 128 GB.

The G5 usually offers 32 GB inner storage, period. Though a G5’s 360 CAM procedure (that’s a camera hold one) does supplement another 4 GB if we use it.


Both these phones will accept microSD cards adult to 2 TB in size, nonetheless conjunction are creation use of Android Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature, that creates inner and outmost storage seem as one. That means, like in prior smartphones with microSD slots, their use is singular to storing things like photos, videos and song files.


The Galaxy S7 gets a strike in battery energy compared to a predecessor, while a LG G5 comes in a bit behind during 2,800 mAh. If we buy a LG 360 CAM accessory, though, afterwards we get an additional 1,200 mAh of extract to play around with.

Removable battery

There are no removable batteries in a Samsung Galaxy operation any longer, nonetheless it’s one of a pivotal facilities of a LG G5, with that swappable battery module. If we buy a accessory, juicing adult your phone will be as elementary as unloading and reloading.

We usually wish LG had put a second (much smaller) battery inside so we could leave a phone powered on for truly on-the-fly battery swapping. As it stands, you’ll need to energy it down and behind on, usually like swapping out batteries on past Android flagships that had permitted battery compartments.


Samsung sticks with microUSB for information and charging functions (we’re guessing to say harmony with a Gear VR nonetheless carrying to recover a new indication usually a few months after a original), while a LG G5 opts for a newer, faster and reversible USB Type-C.

Fast charging

Both phones use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech, nonetheless a G5 has a tip palm here. It’s one of a initial phones to use a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 standard, that can presumably extract adult a phone 27 percent faster and 45 percent some-more well than a (already fast) Quick Charge 2.0 found in a GS7.

Wireless charging

Samsung’s 2016 flagship line again supports wireless charging, and faster-than-normal wireless charging if we buy a central (US$70) Samsung quick charging pad.

Camera megapixels

For gnawing photos on a go, Samsung is articulate adult a Galaxy S7’s glorious low light opening and softened concentration speeds. The association says a new phone’s lens lets in 97 percent some-more light than a one on the Galaxy S6.

The LG G5 uses a dual-lens 16 MP camera around a back. One of these lenses has a 135 mm far-reaching angle view, enabling we to get some-more in your shot if needed. It also lets we take far-reaching angle and customary shots simultaneously.

Camera orifice (rear)

The GS7 has a somewhat wider aperture, nonetheless that’s usually one cause in a ostensible low-light improvements, alongside increasing pixel size.


The rear-facing cameras on both handsets come with Optical Image Stabilization to cut down on camera-shake and fuzz from your over-caffeinated hands.

Water resistance

The Galaxy S7 uses a new (internal) proceed to H2O insurgency that protects your phone opposite H2O and dirt nonetheless adding additional bulk or flaps opposite a ports. That IP68 rating equates to spending adult to 30 mins during a abyss of adult to 1.5 meters (around 5 ft) underwater.

There’s no such H2O and dirt insurance on a LG G5, so you’re going to have to be some-more clever with it … or usually deposit in a formally imperishable case. The new modular pattern was substantially one reason LG couldn’t supplement any officially-rated insurance from a elements.

Virtual reality

Virtual existence is large news this year, and both phones are roving that wave. You can span a Galaxy S7 with a Gear VR and a LG G5 with LG’s considerably reduction appealing headset. In further to calm (huge advantage for a Gear) and arrangement peculiarity (advantage, Gear), another large disproportion is that a Galaxy S7 slides inside a Gear VR while a G5 attaches to a LG headset around cable.

If we preorder a Samsung Galaxy S7 before Mar 18 afterwards we get a free Gear VR (and 6 games) thrown in. Otherwise it retails for $99. There’s no pricing news on a LG 360 VR yet.


Both phones run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of a gate, together with any company’s possess customizations (Samsung TouchWiz and LG UI) sitting on top.


The Galaxy S7 can be yours on Mar 11, with preorders already open in a US. You’ll need to wait a bit longer for a G5, as Apr is all we know so distant about a G5’s recover date.

Starting cost (full retail)

Price-wise we can design to compensate roughly $670 full sell for a Samsung Galaxy S7, nonetheless many US shoppers will compensate that over dual years on an installment plan.

LG hasn’t nonetheless spilled a beans on pricing for a G5 or – another proclamation we’ll be examination closely – any of a modular add-ons. If a clip-on modular accessories are too expensive, that will put a large check on what’s differently a bold, forward-thinking smartphone.

For some-more on these phones, we can check out a hands-on impressions of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a LG G5 from Barcelona.

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