Roberson joins sister as a state champion for Jefferson City

May 26, 2018 - photo frame

There’s a symbol on a wall Jefferson City’s Devin Roberson has been eyeing for awhile.

Across from a lane and margin coaches’ office, there’s an dull space in a print support subsequent to Alexis Roberson’s print from when she won a state pretension in a shot put in 2015.

That’s a final time Jefferson City has had a state champion, until Friday.

Roberson threw a discus 182 feet, 3 inches to win a Class 5 state championship during Adkins Stadium.

Now a family mural can be completed.

“She was pressuring me given she was a state champ,” Roberson pronounced of his sister Alexis.

The vigour was all on a foe after Roberson’s initial toss, that hold adult as a winning mark.

His final chuck of a preliminaries was 180-9 and his best finals chuck was 172-9, fouling on a other dual attempts.

“On my prelims throws we kind of usually went slow, and afterwards on my final ones we was usually going all out given there was zero to lose,” Roberson said.

And by a finals, Roberson’s biggest foe was out of a running.

Daniel Parker of Blue Springs entered as a tip seed during 183-2, yet he could usually record one stretch in a prelims to finish adult 14th during 142-11.

So after carrying final year’s eventuality come down to a tiebreaker, that Roberson mislaid by one foot, dual inches, Roberson got to suffer a feat path with a final chuck of a day and turn a initial Jay to win a state pretension given Joey Burkett in 2012 in a stick vault.

“It hasn’t unequivocally sunk in yet, yet we consider it will in a subsequent few weeks,” Roberson said. “It feels unequivocally good.”

Teammate Corey Suttle threw 159-1 on his final try to finish seventh for his initial state medal.

“As shortly as he got his initial chuck in he was cold and relaxed,” Roberson said.

The span still have one some-more year left to supplement some-more to their collection. Roberson pronounced he wants to chuck 200 feet.

“Get in a weight room,” he said.

This season, Roberson didn’t get to 180 feet until Apr 28 in a Midwest Team Challenge during Paducah, Ky. His winning symbol of 188-4 in that eventuality is a personal best.

“I started out a year a small unsure and we wanted to mangle final year’s PR and we did that in Kentucky,” Roberson said. “I theory that’s all we can ask for is to PR and be a state champion.”

Roberson will have a possibility to supplement another award currently when he competes in a shot put during 12:30 p.m. He’s seeded third.

The Jays had another first-time state medalist Friday.

Mason York didn’t have a best week of his high propagandize lane and margin career, yet he positively had a best day he’s ever had.

The Jefferson City comparison finished third in a Class 5 stick vault, clearing a personal-record 15-6.

“I hadn’t been doing so good in use this week and it kind of all usually came together today,” York said. “Today we usually didn’t concentration on a vault, we focused on myself.”

And even yet he was seeded fourth with a tallness of 14-6, York questioned how a day would go.

“At a commencement of a day we was like, ‘I substantially won’t even place,'” he said. “As we progressed by my day, we was feeling improved and took those negatives and incited them into positives.”

Earlier this month, York vaulted 15-0 for what was a personal best.

On Friday, York motionless to use a opposite pole. It finished all a difference.

“It threw me adult and we did all right that we hadn’t been doing before,” York said. “It felt unequivocally good. It was about 5 pounds, that’s it. That’s what took me 6 inches higher.”

York has been competing in a stick safe for 4 years, yet had to wait until his youth year to get past a district accommodate and this year to validate for state.

“I wish to conclude (coach Melvin Myers) and manager (Scott) Gschwender) for doing so most for me this year,” York said. “I unequivocally conclude them and we couldn’t have finished a things we did currently though them.”

KC Lightfoot of Lee’s Summit kept a uncover going prolonged after a second-place finisher privileged 15-9.

Lightfoot attempted to transparent 18-5.5 to transcend a inhabitant record of 18-4.75, yet a comparison had to settle for an all-class record tallness of 18-0 to acquire a convincing victory.

“Lightfoot is a whole other breed, man,” York said. “He usually does all right. He competes with category and we usually conclude him for holding a time to assistance me out when he can.”

The Jays lay in second place in a group standings with 18 points after a initial day of competition.

Kirkwood leads with 23 points Lafayette (15) in third, and William Chrisman and Pattonville tied for fourth with 14 points.

The sole Lady Jay in movement Friday warranted her best finish during a state meet.

Jefferson City comparison Jessica Rhoads warranted a award in a Class 5 shot put for a second true year, finishing fifth with a chuck of 41-5.

“It was not my best throw, yet I’m really beholden we got a good chuck out there,” Rhoads said.

Rhoads pronounced she worked with a sprinters in hopes it would give her a jar with her throws.

“Definitely quicker and some-more agility,” she said.

Rhoads’ throws gradually went over Friday, starting during 39-4.25 on her initial toss, 40-10 on her third and 41-5 on a fifth attempt.

“I had a problem picking my right feet adult and removing it underneath me,” Rhoads said. “I got it underneath me some-more and some-more as we went.”

Rhoads will try to top off her high propagandize career with a third state award when she competes in a discus during 9 a.m. today.

She’s seeded fifth behind teammate Carlee Brehe.

“Whatever places we get tomorrow we’ll be happy,” Rhoads said.


Class 5


Team scores (through 5 events): 1. Kirkwood, 23; 2. Jefferson City, 18; 3. Lafayette, 15; 4. (tie) William Chrisman and Pattonville, 14; 6. Poplar Bluff, 11.50; 7.) Lee’s Summit, 10; 8. (tie) Kickapoo and Branson, 8; 10. (tie) St. Louis University High, Blue Springs, Ruskin and Raymore-Peculiar, 6; 14. (tie) Lee’s Summit North, North Kansas City, Hickman, Park Hill South and Battle, 5; 19. (tie) Waynesville and Lee’s Summit West, 4; 21. Sedalia Smith-Cotton, 3.50; 22. (tie) Staley, Rockhurst and Fox, 3; Jackson, 2; 26. (tie) Lindbergh and Seckman, 1.

4×800-meter relay: 1. Kirkwood, 7:49.90; 2. Lafayette, 7:50.32; 3. St. Louis University High, 7:51.40; 4. Park Hill South, 7:53.39; 5. Lee’s Summit West, 7:53.64; 6. Blue Springs, 7:56.70; 7. Raymore-Peculiar, 7:59.32; 8. Lindbergh, 8:00.94.

3,200-meter run: 1. Christian Baker, Kirkwood, 9:21.60; 2. Brenden Crews, Kickapoo, 9:23.58; 3. Harrison Brown, Lafayette, 9:27.03; 4. Chandler Gibbens, Hickman, 9:32.81; 5. Braden Zaner, Raymore-Peculiar, 9:36.12; 6. Thomas Seitzer, Rockhurst, 9:36.62; 7. Morgan Cauveren, Blue Springs, 9:37.94; 8. Nassim Oufattole, Lafayette, 9:39.36.

Pole vault: 1. KC Lightfoot, Lee’s Summit, 18-0; 2. Reagan Ulrich, Branson, 15-9; 3. Mason York, Jefferson City, 15-6; 4. Darin Smalls, Battle, 15-6; 5. (tie) Nate McFail, Sedalia Smith-Cotton, and Brett Barousse, Poplar Bluff, 15-0; 7. Jackson Rinehart, Jackson, 14-9.

Triple jump: 1. Jordon Woods, William Chrisman, 48-1.50; 2. Michael Jackson, Pattonville, 47-2; 3. Aaron Jones, Ruskin, 46-10; 4. Devon Richardson, Lee’s Summit North, 46-9.50; 5. Tracy Gates, Waynesville, 45-5.50; 6. Donald Hatfield, Fox, 45-4.50; 7. Cooper Wise, Kirkwood, 45-0.50; 8. Tre’ Wheaton, Blue Springs, 44-9.50.

Discus: 1. Devin Roberson, Jefferson City, 182-03; 2. Makarius Bell, Poplar Bluff, 168-10; 3. Dakari Streeter, Pattonville, 166-9; 4. Adetomiwa Adebawor, North Kansas City, 164-6; 5. Daniel Carson, William Chrisman, 163-6; 6. Tyler Miller, Staley, 161-3; 7. Corey Suttle, Jefferson City, 159-1; 8. Dylan Clark, Seckman, 153-5.


Team scores (through 6 events): 1. Lee’s Summit West, 48; 2. Liberty, 19; 3. St. Teresa’s Academy, 15.50; 4. Park Hill South, 14; 5. North Kansas City, 13; 6. Ritenour, 12; 7. (tie) Kickapoo, Pattonville, Park Hill and Blue Springs South, 10; 11. Sedalia Smith-Cotton, 9; 12. (tie) Northwest and Republic, 8; 14. Raymore-Peculiar, 7; 15. Liberty North, 6; 16. (tie) Marquette and Blue Springs, 5; 18. Jefferson City, 4; 19. (tie) McCluer North, St. Joseph’s Academy and William Chrisman, 3; 22. (tie) Francis Howell, Lee’s Summit and Kirkwood, 2; 25. (tie) Hickman, Jackson, Timberland, Lindbergh and Ozark, 1; 30. Battle, 0.50.

1,600-meter run: 1. Victoria Findley, Blue Springs South, 4:51.07; 2. Emma Roth, Park Hill South, 5:03.91; 3. Madison Hulsey, Lee’s Summit West, 5:05.05; 4. Tessa Valdivia, Blue Springs, 5:05.74; 5. Madelynn Hill, Liberty, 5:07.05; 6. Miranda Dick, Raymore-Peculiar, 5:10.22; 7. Erin Gilbert, Francis Howell, 5:10.67; 8. Alexis Barber, Ozark, 5:13.06.

800-meter run: 1. Taiya Shelby, Park Hill, 2:12.58; 2. Jana Shawver, Lee’s Summit West, 2:12.99; 3. Emma Roth, Park Hill South, 2:15.42; 4. Addison Coppinger, St. Teresa’s, 2:15.81; 5. Madelynn Hill, Liberty, 2:15.83; 6. Saige Peterson, Sedalia Smith-Cotton, 2:18.07; 7. Audrey Parson, Lee’s Summit West, 2:19.04; 8. Kaylee Wilson, Jackson, 2:20.18.

High jump: 1. Jessica Haney, Lee’s Summit West, 5-9; 2. Avylina Powell-qua, Republic, 5-6; 3. Caroline Crawford, Liberty, 5-4; 4. Erica Schamel, Northwest, 5-3; 5. Christa’nae Wright, Ritenour, 5-3; 6. Annmarie Tyson, St. Joseph’s, 5-2; 7. Terrika Burks, Kirkwood, 5-2; 8. (tie) Delaney Hupke, St. Teresa’s, and Carynton Marshall, Battle, 5-2.

Long jump: 1. Leah North, St. Teresa’s, 18-10.75; 2. Diamond Riley, Ritenour, 18-10.25; 3. Monique Grant, Sedalia Smith-Cotton, 18-10; 4. Maegan Saleh, Marquette, 18-4; 5. Brooke Jenkins, Pattonville, 17-9.75; 6. Michelle Owens, McCluer North, 17-9.50; 7. Tayte Kozlowski, Kickapoo, 17-7.75; 8. Alexandria Rosenbe, Lindbergh, 17-7.50.

Shot put: 1. Makayla Kelby, Lee’s Summit West, 46-7.25; 2. Kennedy Aurentz, Kickapoo, 44-1.25; 3. Diamond Richardson, Pattonville, 42-9.25; 4. Jordan Donley, North Kansas City, 42-1.50; 5. Jessica Rhoads, Jefferson City, 41-5; 6. Jacqueline David, William Chrisman, 41-2.50; 7. Maddie Harris, Lee’s Summit West, 40-6.75; 8. J’Dyn Green, Timberland, 40-1.50.

Javelin: 1. Maddie Harris, Lee’s Summit West, 138-2; 2. Jaide Rose, North Kansas City, 137-10; 3. Ava Curry, Liberty North, 137-7; 4. Autumn Avery, Liberty, 137-4; 5. Janae Thurston, Raymore-Peculiar, 134-7; 6. Megan Fortner, Northwest, 129-2; 7. Ashlyn Cook, Lee’s Summit, 119-2; 8. Eryka Wanyonyi, Hickman, 119-1.

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