Review: The Memento Smart Frame is a hulk 4K print support we never knew we wanted

November 7, 2016 - photo frame

I’m a photographer and take hundreds of photos per month, yet frequency imitation them solely for my clients. It’s usually too many of a hassle.

That’s where digital design frames come in handy, yet they generally are too low resolution, too small, or of too bad peculiarity to be value comparing with high peculiarity prints.

Enter a Memento Smart Frame. It’s a 25 or 35-inch, quasi-4K row with with Wi-Fi connectivity, and I’ve had a possibility to exam a incomparable various for a few weeks. It’s an glorious choice if you’re looking for a high peculiarity choice for framing your digital images on a vast screen.

Specs and pivotal details

  • 3230 x 2160 resolution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Storage for ‘up to 3000 pictures’
  • Available in 35-inch and 25-inch shade sizes
  • 50,000 hours lifespan – or 8 to 10 years
  • 23 watts appetite expenditure (18-45 watts, depending on brightness)
  • Available in black, silver, low brown, auburn and walnut timber frames
  • $899 for a 35-inch size, $599 for a 25-inch.

Setting it up

The 35-inch support we reviewed is about 29 pounds, so we can’t usually hang a spike in your wall and call it a day. Thankfully Memento was intelligent adequate to embody a possess ascent resource so we don’t have to worry about anticipating a right screws, drilling into a timber or irreparably deleterious your wall and $400 support when it all comes crashing down.

The ascent resource uses 4 self-drilling wall anchors, so no collection are compulsory other than a unchanging Phillips screwdriver. we hung it adult in reduction than 10 minutes, and it sits totally flush opposite my wall.

There’s also an discretionary prosaic white appetite wire – a crafty resolution to a common distortion of a appetite wire in digital displays like this. The wire is usually a millimeter or dual thick, and can be embellished over to compare your wall. It’s a some-more concerned set up, yet expected value a time if we wish to make a Memento a centerpiece item. we didn’t set it up, as we could simply censor a appetite wire in my apartment.

Connecting it with my Wi-Fi network by a Memento app also didn’t take some-more than a few minutes. The app ( availablefor Android , iOS , or Windows PCs) is sincerely barebones, yet lets we directly bucket photos onto your support yet a need of an outmost label or USB drive, that is useful if we wish to refurbish photos often. You can also control some aspects of picture quality, such as brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Excellent picture peculiarity (most of a time)

On a matter of picture quality, when we are looking during it conduct on with good environmental light, it unequivocally does roughly demeanour like print. The usually problem is that a apparition degrades somewhat underneath reduction auspicious conditions, so how good a support is will count on where we select to set it adult (more on this later)

When station not distant from a core of a frame, contrariety is excellent, colors are vibrant, and a semi-gloss finish strikes a good change for imitating print. As pragmatic before it’s not quite 4K, since a 3:2 aspect ratio crops off some plane pixels, yet it should be some-more than pointy adequate for even sincerely tighten adult observation – generally with a 25-inch screen.

The shade has a liughtness sensor to low a shade according to your environment, and it generally works flattering well. It will also close off a support during night when a lights spin off. we usually wish a dimming routine were a bit smoother – we can mostly tell when the screen is dimming as it generally happens in dissimilar stairs rather than a light transition.

Overall, it’s spin a indicate of review in my unit in a approach smaller digital frames never did because, well, they were small. we have had a few people upset a support for print, that is about a biggest enrich one could give a digital display.


My categorical uncertainty is with observation angles. They’re good by a common standards for digital displays, where we routinely are looking during things conduct on, yet a dump off in tone and superfluity is some-more conspicuous with a support that’s meant to embrace or reinstate imitation images, and that we competence not place in an optimal location.

That’s what happened in my tiny NYC apartment. we had to place a support off to a side of my tiny vital room. My apartment’s building devise fundamentally means I’m mostly looking during a support from a 100-degree angle or so, that doesn’t scarcely uncover a arrangement during a best.

The other giveaway of a LCD inlet is a bound tone temperature. While imitation will simulate a light of a surrounding room, an LCD usually shines out a possess light, some times creation whites demeanour blue-er than a comfortable light of nightfall or my lightbulbs. That’s accentuated by a fact that a Memento uses a thick white limit around a tangible display portion.