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December 27, 2014 - photo frame

ATLANTA — Looking to buy some photography or video apparatus with those holiday present cards? There is some clever rigging on a marketplace from Nikon, GoPro and Domke.

Nikon D750 camera ($2,300 physique only; $3,000 pack with 24-120mm lens):

I couldn’t find anything to protest about a D750 after spending a few weeks with it. The large digital single-lens automatic camera, or DSLR, deserves a accolades it has perceived so far.

Under a hood is a full-frame, 24.3 megapixel sensor means of capturing pointy images abounding with a plain operation of accurate tone and tonal quality. The D750 can fire full high-definition video during 60 frames per second — essential for any kind of slow-motion work.

I was many tender with a tone virginity of a still images. we had to do unequivocally tiny tweaking during modifying to exhibit a full vibrance of a stage we had captured. When interconnected with a 24-120mm lens sole as partial of a kit, a camera prisoner video that was good stabilized, with tiny jitter or shake from my hands.

The D750 has built-in Wi-Fi for approach communication with tablets and smartphones using Nikon’s giveaway app. we can use a app to trigger a shiver or send images from a camera, permitting me to share them on amicable media some-more easily. The D750 has slots for dual SD memory cards for additional storage. It also has a sloping LCD shade — that came in accessible when we wanted to reason a camera high or low though anticipating a ladder or crouching.

The camera is one of a best full-frame cameras accessible for seasoned photography enthusiasts. It feels and looks veteran in a hand, and it delivers with peculiarity images.

GoPro Hero 4 Black ($500):

GoPro continues to surpass in movement cameras. The company’s latest model, a Hero 4 Black, shoots video in full 4k resolution, that is also famous as ultra-high-definition. That’s a lot of intelligible imagery in a camera not most bigger than 3 matchbox’s built on tip of any other.

The 4k fortitude is during a customary 30 frames per second, though. For a some-more considerable 120 frames per second, fortitude is singular to a customary high-definition 1920 x 1080.

Nonetheless, a 4k footage doesn’t disappoint. we shot some children’s soccer matches and hiked to a creek. On a 4k display, tiny sum cocktail into view, like blades of circuitously weed and dirt on well-spoken surfaces. It unequivocally is a subsequent turn of video imagery, and many pros are already upgrading to 4k video rigging in expectation of a destiny when bland consumers have a capability to perspective it. Many higher-end TV sets and monitors are being sole with 4k capability.

GoPro sells a accumulation of add-ons, such as waterproof cases. we quite suggest a $80 touch-screen LCD behind since it creates it easier to adjust a camera setting, and preview and examination footage and shot composition. Otherwise, you’re sharpened though a arrangement or viewfinder.

Make certain you’re going to buy a 4k-capable radio or supplement a prohibited new 4k-capable graphics label to your computer. Otherwise, we won’t be enjoying a full fortitude a GoPro Hero 4 Black has to offer.

Don’t upset a Black book with a Hero 4 Silver, that is black in tone though doesn’t have 4k.

Domke Next Generation Director ($330):

No prohibited shot photographer or indie filmmaker is going to be happy though a pointy bag to toe their rigging around in. Domke has prolonged been a go-to code for photojournalists, and a Director bag is a intelligent choice for light transport with a DSLR camera and a integrate of tiny to middle lenses.

I was means to do some good walk-around print sessions with a Director slung over my shoulder. In it were a Nikon D750 and a 24-120mm pack lens, as good as an additional 20 mm wide-angle lens, a Google Nexus 7 tablet, my smartphone and a tiny tote for additional memory cards.

The bag has customizable divider inserts, expandable zippered pockets and a tough-as-nails luggage strap. This is most improved than tossing all of your changed print rigging into a groundless backpack.

Nikon D750:

GoPro Hero 4 Black:

Domke Director:

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