Review: Aluratek 8” Hi-Resolution Digital Photo Frame

December 4, 2017 - photo frame


The holiday deteriorate is on us and family get-together’s mostly start where someone is customarily designated to take cinema of everybody who attends.  Once this gets accomplished, removing a photos off one’s smartphone or camera for others to see and keep can be an issue.  One product that can assistance with this conditions is famous as a digital print support and Aluratek has their possess product that is an 8-inch high-resolution digital print support that has an involuntary slideshow feature.

There are lots of variations of digital print frames and a some-more facilities it has, a some-more a cost will go up.  Another thing that varies is a distance of a frame; a aloft a size, a some-more it will cost.  Aluratek has combined a digital print support (known as Model #ADPF08SF) that is a decent size, has several facilities and during an affordable price.


Size does matter

Obviously, photos come in opposite measurements and so do unchanging and digital print frames.  The bigger a photo, a incomparable a print support needs to be to put a print in; unless it is a digital design frame.  Though Aluratek creates design frames as vast as 18.5 inches, their 8-inch fame does a pursuit nicely.


The bigger, a improved is a common truth attributed to many things; however, it can be formidable to make room for a print support that is intensely vast or bulky.  My 8-inch digital print support from Aluratek is a right distance to simply perspective whatever photo(s) we have going while not using into an emanate with anticipating a place to put it.

More than your normal print frame

Though it is good carrying cinema of family and friends taken over a years to demeanour at, it can get dear purchasing singular design frames to put photos into them.  However, digital print frames can reason mixed photos and a facilities Aluratek’s 8-inch digital print support contains creates it value deliberation to purchase.


The high-quality timber support allows users to see hi-quality digital photos that is loyal tone LCD during 800×600 operation that has easy-to-use controls on a back.  The user can configure what form of slideshow to start with mixed transition styles to select from.  Photos can be combined using a USB peep expostulate or SD/SDHC cards that reason adult to 32 GB of memory and a support can be practiced for straight orientation.

The cost is only right

Earlier, we had mentioned that a largest support Aluratek was charity was on their website that is 18.5 inches; well, that comes during a cost of $199.99.  While some people would be fine spending that most for a digital print frame, bigger isn’t always a answer; generally when a smaller distance support can do a pursuit during a fragment of a cost.

Usually, we would suggest selling products online or during a home selling networks; however, this is one time that we would not bother.  The reason for this is a same 8-inch digital print support that we suggesting is being sole on QVC for $69.96 with flex payments.

However, when looking for it on a Aluratek website, it is now being sole during a reduce price.  The same 8-inch hi-resolution digital print frame is being sole on their website for $39.99; roughly $30 reduction than on a QVC website.  Considering that a distance is only right, has mixed facilities to use in observation many photos and is going for an affordable price; Aluratek’s 8-inch hi-resolution digital print support is a ideal present for any holiday season.



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