Reuters bans RAW photos in controversial bid for authenticity

November 20, 2015 - photo frame

Britain Wimbledon Tennis

News group Reuters will no longer accept photos shot in a RAW format, observant a freelancers are now compulsory to contention JPEG photos shot in-camera. It told PetaPixel that it done a surprising pierce partly to speed adult workflow, though also since RAW allows photographers to do too many picture manipulation, and “our idea is not to artistically appreciate a news,” according to a spokesman. It pronounced it would usually assent images done from a strange JPEGs, supposing they had usually “minimal processing,” including gathering and turn correction.

The news is a bit of a surprise. Unlike JPEGs, RAW photos are uncompressed, have many aloft energetic operation (12 to 16 pieces instead of 8 pieces per pixel) and are easier to tone correct. For instance, if a photographer needs to fire fast and creates an bearing error, he competence be means to scold a RAW image. But a same picture shot on JPEG might not be salvageable, interjection to a format’s limitations. In addition, a peculiarity of a JPEG record degrades any time it’s re-saved, definition images would remove fealty even with “minimal processing.”

Reuters might be trade a certain volume of intrigue for grainier final images that also don’t ‘reflect reality.’

Reuters did contend that it’s excellent for photographers to fire both JPEG and RAW images during a same time, something many complicated cameras permit. However, they will usually accept an picture that’s combined from a JPEG record — something many photographers will no doubt find too limiting.

All of this might have come about since of new concerns over heavily processed images featured in new print contests. This year, about 20 percent of submissions in World Press Photo competition were deserted since of a practice. The competition’s handling director, Lars Boering, pronounced that “it seems some photographers can’t conflict a enticement to aesthetically raise their images … we have to know that photographers are display what’s going on in a world.” However, Reuters might be holding it too far, and trade a certain volume of intrigue for grainier final images that also don’t “reflect reality.”

[Image credit: Associated Press/Alastair Grant]

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