Quad-Citians welcome Putnam mural project

January 14, 2017 - photo frame

The initial chairman in line Friday during a Putnam Museum Science Center in Davenport showed adult an hour before it opened.

When a doors were unbarred during 10 a.m., a line had formed. And they still had dual hours to wait.

In other words, Quad-Citians are into it.

But fear not a prolonged line. It moves quickly, since any mural takes about dual minutes. Besides, it’s fun — in an “Antiques Roadshow” kind of way. Most people move a column to use in their photo, so we found lots of folks chatting in line about a significance of a object they chose for a occasion.

Here’s a point: The Putnam is celebrating a 150th anniversary. To assistance do so, they motionless to entice a village in and place everybody in front of a camera. Behind a lens is professional photographer Tom Styrkowicz, capturing hundreds of a images.

In further to being displayed in a Putnam lobby, a portraits will be combined to a museum’s permanent collection. Our mugs will live in perpetuity.

Later this year, a Putnam will sell print books and calendars, and they’ll have a full exhibit. It’s all partial of a year-long jubilee of a anniversary, pleasantness in partial to a $55,000 in grants awarded by a Regional Development Authority and Scott County Regional Authority.

For their print column Friday, Therese and Marc Devlin of Davenport chose a vast design support and acted in a center.

“When they pronounced we should move something special, we figured we are a many special things we have,” Therese Devlin said.

Debra Quilty of Moline brought a family heirloom — a century-old boat in a bottle, done in Belgium. The square was brought to a United States in a early 1900s.

“This is only a smashing opportunity, and we knew we wanted to be a partial of it,” Quilty said, observant she wore a shirt with anchors on it to continue a boat theme. “Once we suspicion of what my column would be, we knew we was coming.”

By 1 p.m. Friday — a initial hour in a four-hour event — 120 of us had been photographed. Another 60 were in line.

The charity will keep a same hours Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. The portraits are free, and everybody takes home a copy. As many of a subjects collected their photos Friday, they gave their contented interjection to Putnam boss Kim Findlay, who pronounced she skeleton to manage all 3 days of a shindig.

“I’m still introspective what I’m going to have in my photo, since it’s really critical to me,” Findlay said, rattling off 4 or 5 column possibilities. “One thing that has been really critical to me in this care purpose is to consider about a future, since we already do a good pursuit with a history.

“This thought was meant for everybody. Every chairman in a village is a partial of a history. we feel strongly about a Putnam being for everyone. The word ‘museum’ can be off-putting and sound bleak to some.

“That’s because a tagline is, ‘You go here.’

“We’re most some-more about people than stuff. That’s how this thought came about: The 150th anniversary should be about people.”


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