Q&A: How do we stop plcae tracking?

July 15, 2016 - photo frame

Q. we was repelled to hear we contend on your inhabitant radio show that my phone is tracking wherever we go. What is a environment called?

A. “Frequent locations” is buried low inside your phone’s remoteness settings, and unless we spin it off, it will record your daily routine. It keeps lane of where we are and how prolonged we stay there. It even knows where we live and work formed on how prolonged you’re there and a series of times we go. If you’re someone who doesn’t like a thought of being tracked, we can invalidate it. Click here for a step-by-step instructions to spin off plcae tracking on your Apple or Android device.

Wrap automobile keys in aluminum foil

Q. I’ve listened we should hang your car’s pivotal fob in aluminum foil. Why?

A. Wirelessly unlocking a automobile is convenient, yet it comes during a price. Specifically, the key fob’s vigilance is easy for criminals to prevent and this allows them to open your automobile but environment off any alarms. If we have a loyal keyless automobile model, they competence be means to just expostulate away. Since your pivotal fob’s vigilance is blocked by metal, we can hang it in aluminum foil. You could also make a foil-lined box to put your keys in during home. Click here for a investigate behind pivotal fob’s distrust and other ways to foil criminals.

Health app to lane medical records

Q. we was usually diagnosed with a illness and faced with a innumerable of doctors and treatments. Is there an app to assistance me classify my medical records?

A. Fortunately, there is an easy approach to keep lane of your medical records. You can entrance those records, customize them with your possess notations, and share them with your doctors right from your smartphone or tablet. You can do that with a iBlueButton app, that was grown by physicians.

Free coloring pages for adults

Q. we find it so relaxing to color. The usually coloring pages we find online yet are for small kids. How about some coloring pages for adults? we hatred shopping a pages in a store.

A. You don’t need to set feet in a store to get a good coloring book. You simply need to check out my list of cold sites including museums, supervision sites, and some-more that let we download all a coloring pages we could ever imagine. For starters, Open Culture has collaborated with several opposite libraries and museums to make a finish set of coloring books accessible for giveaway download. There are coloring pages from a National Archives, a Digital Public Library of America, Smithsonian Libraries and more. Get your markers, crayons and colored pencils sensory and prepared to go!

Use aged inscription as digital print frame

Q. we have an aged tablet. Can we use it to uncover my photos?

A. With a right app on your tablet, we can spin it into a digital print frame. Try an app like Digital Photo Frame for Apple or Dayframe for Android. Both apps offer several effects that we can supplement to your print transitions. You’ll also find collection to stand and resize your photos to ideally fit a screen, and perspective your photos as thumbnails for easy preference into your slideshows.

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