Provincetown Is Reframing Its History In A Cool New Way

October 20, 2014 - photo frame

A perspective of Macmillan Pier and a portrayal called “The Steel Pier Arriving” by Nancy M. Ferguson.
(Courtesy of PAAM)

In Provincetown, a array of 25 design frames set adult in several locations is providing a story doctrine for residents and visitors.

The frames are partial of an art designation called “Re[Framing] Provincetown.” The plan was combined by Tsao McKown Architects for a Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM), that is celebrating a centennial.

Each support is separate in half — on one side is a chronological print or portrayal of a site and on a other side a support is open to uncover what a site looks like today.

According to Tsao McKown Architects:

By framing views toward specific sites while concurrently charity adult ancestral photos or paintings of those sites, there is food for suspicion about what might have physically altered and how a qualities and impression of a places might have altered as a result.

On a behind of any support is an invitation for people to share their stories, memories and photographs of a sold site by promulgation them to PAAM or posting them on amicable media regulating #reframingptown. The museum has been collecting those stories given a frames went adult in August. On Sept. 26, PAAM debuted partial dual of a design support plan regulating a stories they had already collected. That vaunt is called “Re[Framing] Provincetown: Animating History Through Sharing.” At a exhibit, visitors can demeanour by all of a collected papers (a arrange of community scrapbook) and watch chronological films about Provincetown. The museum also set adult a recording counter to constraint people’s verbal histories.

The PAAM vaunt will run by Oct. 26, though a museum will continue collecting stories until a frames are taken down. All of a materials collected by a plan will be combined to PAAM’s permanent collection.

Picture frames seem to be a renouned approach to get people to re-imagine their surroundings. Earlier this month, we reported on a designation of three vast cinema frames in a Boston Public Garden.

The Provincetown frames were creatively set to come down during a finish of this month, though will now sojourn adult by a finish of November, according to PAAM. So, there’s still copiousness of time left to learn a small story about a really tip of Cape Cod.

Here is a map of a 25 frames and here are some images of a frames:

The fin travel and a 1920 portrayal called “The Jetty” by Margaret Harriet Hoke. (Courtesy of PAAM)

The finish of Webster Place and a 1921 sketch from a Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell. (Courtesy of PAAM)

On a beach behind The Crown and Anchor bar and an 1880 sketch from a book “Old Provincetown in Early Photographs” by Irma Ruckstuhl. (Courtesy of PAAM)

551 Commercial St./Kendall Lane and a 19th century postcard. (Courtesy of PAAM)

8 West Vine St. and a 1900 sketch from a scrapbooks of Althea Boxell. (Courtesy of PAAM)


(H/T Wicked Local Provincetown)

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