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October 19, 2015 - photo frame

Picture Frame Factory Outlet is a family owned business with a prolonged story in Las Cruces.

The support emporium and gallery got it’s start in 1981, when Mike Groves bought a business from a crony and started offered processed pattern frames, purchased in Mexico, out of a catalog sent out opposite a U.S. About a year later, Groves incited a business into a sell store. He non-stop a Picture Frame Factory Outlet during it’s stream location, on 382 S. Walnut St., in 1989.

“Primarily, a categorical business right now, as a storefront, is tradition pattern framing and framing design,” pronounced Picture Frame Factory Outlet owners Greg Groves, who eventually bought a business from his father Mike Groves.

The store offers a variety of timber and metal frames and several different selections for mats, glass, backings and more, according to a Picture Frame Factory Outlet website.

But aside from tradition framing services, one of a things the store is best famous for is a photographs of a Organ Mountains, Greg Groves said.

“We’ve got a largest collection of Organ Mountain photos in one gallery space in town,” he said. “Everybody who comes (to Las Cruces) — moves here, leaves here — always takes a Organ Mountains with them when they go. It’s only kind of a iconic picture of Las Cruces.”

The photos of a Organ Mountains sole during Picture Frame Factory Outlet were taken by Greg Groves’ father and grandfather, he said.

Greg Groves’ grandfather, L.C. Groves, worked for a write association and would keep a camera in his truck so he could shoot cinema of a mountains, desert landscape and animals while on a job, Greg Groves said.

“In ’95, (my grandfather) upheld and my father motionless he was going to take a camera out now and start perplexing to make a go of it,” he said. “And that’s what we see in a emporium today, is mostly my dad’s photography, churned in with a few pieces that my grandfather took that we still uncover and sell.”

Along with browsing a many Organ Mountain photos, business who revisit Picture Frame Factory Outlet can also pattern to get peculiarity use from emporium employees who have all worked there for 7 years or more, Greg Groves said.

“When someone comes in with a square of art they wish to have framed, we come out to hail them and we go by a pattern routine with them,” he said. “For a many part, people don’t unequivocally know accurately what it is that they want, so we’re radically here as a debate guide. When we demeanour during a wall full of samples and a pad house racks, there are thousands on thousands of options and we only assistance slight that down for a customer.”

The staff during Picture Frame Factory Outlet has also been lerned in charge framing to safeguard that any finished plan lasts, Greg Groves said.

“When we get something framed, typically, it’s about 20 years before it sees a support emporium ever again,” he said. “People will hang it on their walls in their homes and that’s where it stays and lives for decades.”

Picture Frame Factory Outlet staff can also spin framing projects around quickly, in about 3 to 5 days, enabling them to do last-minute jobs for warn retirements or other astonishing events. Pricing depends on size, pattern and materials comparison for any project, Greg Groves said.

Greg Groves pronounced skeleton for a store’s destiny embody hosting gallery shows, in that other photographers can arrangement their work.

“There are copiousness of galleries in Las Cruces, though what there is a miss of is opportunities for photographers,” he said. “Being that essentially right now, we are a photography gallery, simply with my dad  and my grandfather’s work, we wish to open that adult in a destiny to other photographers and let them have a venue for arrangement and for display their work.”

Outside of a office

Outside of using a family business, Greg Groves, pronounced he enjoys spending time with his dual daughters, who take adult a lot of his time.

“My oldest is in rope during Sierra (Middle School) and my youngest is a soccer player,” he said. “My girls are my life, and once they’ve left to bed, trust it or not, we indeed do some-more timber working,” creation things like square coolers and corn hole boards.

For some-more information about Picture Frame Factory Outlet, call 575-526-4048 or revisit

Alexia Severson might be reached during 575-541-5462 and Follow her @AlexiaMSeverson on Twitter.

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What: Picture Frame Factory Outlet

Where: 382 S. Walnut St.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday by Friday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday

Info: Call 575-526-4048, email or revisit

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