President: Islamic State murdering of American an ‘evil’ act

November 17, 2014 - photo frame

The Islamic State beheaded an American Muslim modify and former U.S. Army Ranger who had trafficked to Syria on a charitable mission, according to a hideous video expelled Sunday by a belligerent group.

The genocide of Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly famous as Peter Kassig, came weeks after a organisation pronounced it would kill him since of a U.S. bombing debate in Syria.

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This undated print supposing by a Kassig Family shows Peter Kassig delivering reserve for Syrian refugees. A new striking video purportedly constructed by Islamic State militants in Syria expelled Sunday claims U.S. assist workman Kassig was beheaded.

This still picture taken from an undated video published on a Internet by a Islamic State organisation militants and done available, Sunday, purports to uncover extremists marching Syrian soldiers before beheading them.

FILE - This undated record print supposing by a Kassig Family shows Peter Kassig station in front of a lorry filled with reserve for Syrian refugees. A new striking video purportedly constructed by Islamic State militants in Syria expelled Sunday Nov. 16, 2014 claims U.S. assist workman Kassig was beheaded. (AP Photo/Courtesy Kassig Family, File)

Abdul-Rahman Kassig, 26, famous as Peter Kassig before he converted to Islam, in 2006.

“Today we offer a prayers and condolences to a relatives and family” of Kassig, President Obama pronounced in a matter expelled Sunday afternoon. “We can't start to suppose their agonise during this unpleasant time.

“Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pristine immorality by a belligerent organisation that a universe righteously associates with inhumanity,” Obama said.

The rarely choreographed video, that a White House reliable was authentic, shows a masked belligerent with a British accent saying: “This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen of your country. Peter, who fought opposite a Muslims in Iraq while portion as a infantryman underneath a American army, doesn’t have most to say.”

Kassig, 26, is a fifth Western warrant and third American whose murdering by a Islamic State has been decorated or announced in a video. The new video does not uncover a belligerent beheading Kassig. Near a end, Kassig’s conduct appears in a bottom of a frame. His physique can’t be seen. In prior videos, hostages wearing orange jumpsuits had done statements while a British jihadist stood behind them with a blade in his hand. The belligerent would afterwards kill a hostage, yet a footage did not uncover a tangible decapitation.

However, a latest video – a longest so far, using some-more than 15 mins – does uncover during slightest a dozen men, apparently Syrian soldiers, being decapitated simultaneously. The belligerent organisation pronounced a video was done in Dabiq, in Syria’s Aleppo province.

The belligerent in a latest video appears to be a same one who carried out a prior beheadings. U.S. and British authorities have identified a male though have not expelled any information about him to a public.

Kassig was incarcerated Oct. 1, 2013, in eastern Syria while roving in an ambulance.

In a matter Sunday, his family said, “We are unhappy to learn that a son, Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig, has mislaid his life as a outcome of his adore for a Syrian people and his enterprise to palliate their suffering. Our heart also goes out to a families of a Syrians who mislaid their lives, along with a son.”

Kassig’s family had appealed to a Islamic State not to kill their son. The family also has attempted to lean a organisation with a steady statements about his acclimatisation to Islam.

His family pronounced Kassig, who was lifted in Indiana, converted to Islam final year while pity a dungeon with a righteous Syrian Muslim. The family pronounced a acclimatisation routine started before he was taken hostage.

Secretary of State John Kerry pronounced in a created matter that Kassig “was a immature American who personified a values of altruism and care that are a really hint of his adopted sacrament of Islam.”

Before he was killed, Kassig’s family expelled a minute he had created progressing this year that a liberated warrant had brought with him. The family also perceived an audio recording of their son before a Islamic State suggested that it was holding him hostage.

“I am apparently flattering frightened to die, though a hardest partial is not knowing, wondering, anticipating and wondering if we should even wish during all,” Kassig wrote. “I am really unhappy that all this has happened and for what all of we behind home are going through. If we do die, we figure that during slightest we and we can find retreat and comfort in meaningful that we went out as a outcome of perplexing to assuage pang and assisting those in need.”

The Islamic State is also holding a 26-year-old American lady and another woman. The American lady was kidnapped while doing charitable work in Syria.

Her family and a FBI have asked that her name not be expelled for fear of putting her in larger danger.

In further to dual British assist workers, a Islamic State has killed American reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

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