Portman walks a line with Trump during a tip of a ticket

July 19, 2016 - photo frame

CLEVELAND — Sen. Rob Portman has been everywhere this week: kayaking with bleeding warriors,
building a Habitat for Humanity house, holding events thanking a army of volunteers his campaign
had deployed opposite all 88 Ohio counties.

But when it’s time for reporters to ask about his campaign, all they wish to pronounce about is
Donald Trump.

Welcome to Rob Portman’s 2016. Portman is using by all accounts a well-organized campaign,
buoyed by record-setting fundraising and an assertive belligerent game, opposite his competition Democrat
and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

How billionaire Donald Trump performs this Nov in Ohio will assistance establish how well
Portman fares. “It’s a some-more indeterminate year than past years,” Portman admits.

Portman is not a same form of Republican as Trump. Portman is low on bombast, high on
policy minutiae. Trump lambasts trade deals, Portman is a former trade ambassador.

By many accounts, Trump lacks a belligerent diversion of many of his Republican predecessors, relying
instead on TV news coverage to widespread his summary rather than vast get-out-the-vote campaigns.

Trump has spurred Portman to travel a some-more ethereal tightrope than Kasich, who isn’t running
for administrator again and can some-more openly pronounce opposite a unreserved Republican nominee.

Portman can’t evade Trump, lest he divide a base. But he can’t welcome him too firmly —
he will need to attract pitch electorate if Trump performs feeble in Ohio in November.

And this week has highlighted a unsure attribute with Ohio Republicans, with Trump’s
campaign manager Paul Manafort observant Ohio Gov. John Kasich was “embarrassing” his state by not
endorsing Trump. Ohio Republicans were also miffed that they weren’t consulted by a Trump
campaign in how it memorialized former Sen. George Voinovich and former Ohio Republican Party
Chairman Bob Bennett during a convention. Both group died within a final year.

“I don’t consider (Trump) should keep adult any kind of uproar (on Kasich),” Portman pronounced of
Trump. “I consider a fact is John is a really renouned inaugurated central in Ohio, a many popular
statewide inaugurated central — he’s been a good administrator — and we need to lift together.”

Asked about a awaiting of assent between Trump and Kasich, Portman said, “I consider you’ll
see that.”

Portman is determining what he can control. His debate has divvied adult Ohio into 25 subsets,
and they’re targeting all of them, using radically 25 tiny and targeted campaigns rather than
one vast one, with electorate sliced into subsets formed on issues, age, segment and other factors.

In northwest Ohio, for example, they’re hammering home Portman’s work on a Great Lakes. In
southeast Ohio, electorate are removing novel about Portman’s work on coal.

Democrats have focused heavily on a race, with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s super
PAC pouring income into a race. Portman debate manager Corry Bliss predicts a competition will be a
$100 million race, job it “clearly a series one target” for Democrats.

“Whoever wins this competition really expected will control a Senate,” Bliss said. “So a lot is at
stake here.”

Democrats have jumped on Portman’s preference to validate Trump. While Portman had an event
honoring volunteers Monday, a cluster of Democrats stood outside, with one wielding a hulk cutout
of Portman’s conduct — finish with a photoshopped “Making China Great Again” shawl and another
wielding a hulk cutout of Trump’s head.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper pronounced a Democratic National Committee and Clinton
campaign have been unified, using one large, integrated grassroots effort. That stands in
contrast to Trump, who Pepper pronounced does not seem to have an orderly get-out-the-vote bid in
the state.

“In Ohio, we win on your belligerent game,” Pepper said, adding “No matter what Rob Portman does,
I don’t consider anything can make adult for a miss of a presidential belligerent game.”

— Dispatch contributor Randy Ludlow contributed to this report.



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