Police: Stamford celebration becomes seat assault

July 28, 2015 - photo frame

STAMFORD — It was a slight sound call. Police officers were sent out to ease down a shrill celebration on Sunday morning. The hosts were happy to approve — though their polite tractability did not lay good with one of their guests, who allegedly pennyless dual chairs over one of a partners.

Stamford military officers arrested 26-year-old Francisco Murillo-Veliz around 3 a.m. Sunday on after his neighbor called to news that Murillo-Veliz had assaulted a neighbor’s wife.

The integrate had been hosting a celebration for another neighbor, according to military Sgt. Kelly Connelly.

“Earlier in a shift, officers were during this residence on a sound complaint,” Connelly said. The integrate happily concluded to spin down their music, though “fast brazen to 3 o’clock in a morning, they’re behind during a same house.”

The father told officers Murillo-Veliz had demanded a hosts spin a volume behind up, though they refused, promulgation him into a rage, throwing a design support during one lady and dual chairs during a wife, pronounced Connelly. Both chairs pennyless over a woman, one over her head.

Officers arrested Murillo-Veliz and charged him with second-degree assault, third-degree rapist mischief, unfinished control and rapist trespass.

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