Police questioning Parklife murder of Robert Hart trust they are ‘one …

December 16, 2014 - photo frame

Detectives questioning a murder of Robert Hart during a Parklife song festival contend they are only one print support divided from capturing an picture of a killer.

A new picture has emerged from a music-fan shows Robert, 26, and his partner only mins before a deadly attack.

The M.E.N. understands that a masculine who threw a deadly punch is only to one side and out of a newly-released image. There is now also doubt about either he is from a north west.

Robert, a Manchester City fan from Macclesfield, died in sanatorium only 4 days after he was punched in a face during a festival in Heaton Park in June. He was assaulted during a quarrel over an inflatable doll, only before Snoop Dogg was due to take to a categorical stage.

Detectives have regularly appealed to people during a festival for video images and footage from their mobile phones. Robert’s ravaged partner Gemma Parry is now due to make a serve open interest for information and assistance tomorrow forward of Christmas though him 6 months on.


Police pronounced some-more than 100 photographs and images taken on mobile phones have been complicated in a review and some-more than 150 intensity suspects have been interviewed.

A orator pronounced of a new image: “We are happy that that is a area where Robert mislaid his life and we trust that we are on a fork of anticipating that one critical square of justification to move a chairman obliged to justice.”

Det Chief Insp Phil Reade, heading a investigation, is also due to emanate a uninformed interest for assistance tomorrow and review a matter from Ms Parry.

He said: “I have no doubt that a chairman obliged will have confided in a work colleague, an acquaintance, a friend. Six months on they will have had that conversation.

“All it takes is for them to collect adult a phone and call police.”


Witnesses have worked with GMP’s debate imaging section to emanate an e-fit picture of Robert’s killer, that a M.E.N featured on 700 waist-high journal billboards outward shops around a city centre and beyond, though there have been no arrests.

The think is a churned competition male, aged in his late 20s and around 6ft 1in. He has a robust build and short, dim hair that was shaved during a sides and was wearing shorts and a blue, bomber-style coupler with a minute ‘A’ in white on a front.

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