Pix-Star FotoConnect XD review

April 17, 2018 - photo frame

Digital print frames aren’t a sexiest bit of tech (though we suspect that depends on your photos), that competence explain because few of a large wiring brands furnish them. Instead, you’re expected to find yourself carrying to buy from a code you’ve never listened of – like Pix-Star.

This tiny French association exclusively creates a FotoConnect digital print frames, that span inner storage and USB/SD label support with cloud capabilities, giving we a accumulation of ways to get photos from your phone or camera and onto a frame.

Price and availability

The initial thing to note is that a FotoConnect XD is accessible in dual opposite sizes, with somewhat opposite specs (and prices). We’ll run by a opposite specifications below, yet for now we’ll concentration on pricing.

The smaller 10.4in shade is accessible for $169 from Pix-Star’s possess store, while a incomparable 15in chronicle will set we behind $229. However you’re substantially improved off streamer to Amazon, where we can customarily find it for less.

That creates it a identical cost to a Nixplay Iris, a closest homogeneous that has identical support for cloud services. If you’re happy usually personification photos from a USB stick, we competence be happier with a most cheaper Nix Advance, that lacks a Wi-Fi features.

Design and build

Whichever distance we buy, both FotoConnect XD models offer a broadly identical underline set and design.

Aesthetically, they’re flattering elementary black rectangles, with some corpulent bezelling during a sides, and even some-more during a bottom for a orator – that is used for video playback. It looks flattering identical to a Nix Advance, yet is certainly reduction appealing than a Nixplay Iris, that creates some-more of an bid to demeanour like a normal print frame.

On a behind there’s a winding mount to keep it upright, yet it’s usually designed for a landscape orientation, not portrait. In a neat touch, there’s also a container to reason a remote behind a frame, so we don’t have to leave it out and about.

It’s also value observant here that, like other digital frames, a FotoConnect relies wholly on mains power. There’s no battery here, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in during all times, and will have to place it accordingly.

As for a display, it varies a bit between a dual sizes. We tested a 10.4in frame, that has a fortitude of 800×600 in a 4:3 aspect ratio, with a contrariety of 500:1. If we opt for a incomparable display, you’ll get a improved fortitude of 1024×768 (still in 4:3), with a somewhat improved contrariety of 600:1.

If you’re used to specs for phones and tablets, those numbers substantially won’t sound unequivocally impressive, yet that’s a problem opposite a digital print support marketplace – for inclination built wholly around displays, there tends to be small investment in tip peculiarity shade tech. That means a pattern peculiarity competence perplex critical photographers looking to arrangement their work – yet for a normal user usually wanting to uncover off some holiday snaps, a peculiarity here will be some-more than sufficient.


As for a photos themselves, a FotoConnect XD has one large advantage over rivals: it has support for both cloud connectors and inner outmost storage, while choice frames tend to offer possibly one or a other.

On a behind you’ll find a USB and SD label ports, that you’ll need to use if we wish to bond outmost storage devices. If we do select to use those, we can possibly play files directly off a devices, or send photos to a 4GB inner storage of a frame.

More engaging yet is a Wi-Fi support. Connect a support to your Wi-Fi network and register an comment with Pix-Star and you’ll be means to send photos to your support from anywhere.

There are a few ways to go about that. You can email photos or videos approach to a support regulating a Pix-Star email residence you’re given when we adult – that also means other people can simply send we photos to display, as we usually have to let them know your email address.

If we wish to supplement photos in bulk though, it competence be easier to use a Pix-Star website, that allows we to couple your support to your amicable media, cloud storage, and print accounts. There’s support for a decent widespread of services – Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, and more.

Once we couple adult your accounts we can send photos to your frame, organized within albums that a support can afterwards possibly cycle by or arrangement in a pointless order. The functionality is identical to other cloud-enabled rivals, yet Pix-Star shows a age a bit in a program design.

The UI is antiquated and clunky, and a knowledge of handling your accounts and photos is anything yet slick. This doesn’t unequivocally impact how good all works during a finish of a day, yet does meant that classification by your photos takes a bit longer than on opposition devices, can be a small some-more treacherous to get your conduct around, and usually feels a whole lot reduction ‘premium’.

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