Pistons consider improved visualisation will assistance Jennings

October 11, 2014 - photo frame

Auburn Hills — Brandon Jennings has been famous to vaunt some flattering good justice prophesy from time to time during his stay with a Pistons.

It would be formidable to remonstrate someone who has only witnessed one of his low-percentage, recklessness shots that Jennings is a good decision-maker, however.

In fact, Jennings is display signs of flourishing into only that. In a dual muster games, he’s totaled 14 assists opposite one turnover — a form of round certainty coaches crave in today’s micro-managed NBA.

“He hasn’t thrown drifting passes,” Pistons manager Stan Van Gundy said. “He’s played during a unequivocally good gait though still hasn’t incited a round over.”

Van Gundy afterwards shouted Jennings’ assist-to-turnover ratio in reverse, 14 turnovers to one feed, before being corrected and throwing himself.

“The other approach would be flattering bad,” Van Gundy said. “We’d substantially be promulgation him home.”

It’s tough to contend Jennings has softened since your eyes tell we otherwise. Last deteriorate his 37.3 margin idea commission was somewhat above his rookie-low symbol of 37.1. But his assist-to-turnover ratio was 15th in a NBA, and he still took his share of risks with a ball.

The 4 prior years he ranked 25th, 24th, 50th and 36th, so a expansion was evident, even in what he termed “the misfortune year of my career.”

What will expected make Van Gundy lift out a residue of his hair follicles is Jennings’ shot selection, and one can positively disagree that a bad shot should be purebred as a turnover.

“The issues with him are defensively and his sharpened percentage,” Van Gundy said. “It’s a duty of one or dual shots a diversion where he doesn’t get on change and arrange of throws adult a drifting one. You only give divided possessions, it’s tough to get to a good commission since you’re not gonna fire 65 percent on a shots where we unequivocally are (taking them).”

There’s no metric to quantify a disproportion between a bad shot and a good one. Jennings has done his share of shots that make fans ask “why?” before they nestled by a net.

Whether his field-goal commission was only a duty of who he is or a miss of layers to Maurice Cheeks’ offense final year, no one can be sure. Having Josh Smith on a fringe as against to a important shooter didn’t assistance a spacing, and a Pistons gave divided another descent hazard by frequency throwing a round to Andre Drummond on a block.

Some competence presupposition Jennings took bad shots since there weren’t many good shots to be had, weren’t many creators on a floor, and he spent approach too most time disposition into shots.

“He’s gotta be some-more unchanging and we’ll uncover him some film where we consider he’s giving divided shots and not unequivocally balancing up,” Van Gundy said. “Overall we’re unequivocally happy. He’s personification unequivocally hard.

“He’s off balance. Brendan (Malone, partner coach) and we both watched him work out several times this summer. When he balances up, he can fire a ball, there’s no question.”

Aside from that, finishing improved during a edge would help. Jennings shot 44.8 percent in a paint final season, that doesn’t seem bad deliberation his petite frame. But Clippers ensure Chris Paul shot 58.5 percent and Spurs ensure Tony Parker shot 58.2 percent in a same area.

“We talked about it before practice,” Van Gundy said. “We’ll never lay him down (and say), ‘That’s a good shot, that’s a bad shot,’ to where he’s not personification with confidence. we suspicion it was flattering easy to decider shot selection. All we have to do is demeanour during his percentages. Good players take shots they can make.”



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