Picture frame, 3 opposite ways

August 29, 2014 - photo frame

While examination cooking shows, we beheld that chefs will take a singular partial and offer it 3 opposite ways.

So we suspicion it would be fun to take 3 identical pattern frames we found on clearance, and with some easy touches make them over in 3 opposite ways.

before print ff1b66a0-d495-4752-a904-cfb1c97bfd43_zps1285c612.jpg

Before we get into a story behind any frame, let me share a best partial of this project: I’m giving divided dual of a made-over frames to readers.

To enter to win, click like on my Amanda Gabeletto Altoona Mirror Facebook page. Once we do that, leave me a criticism in a Facebook couple for this House of Gab post about what we have unresolved on your walls during home.

we will collect dual winners during pointless and announce a formula Tuesday. Your possibility to enter a giveaway closes during 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Now, on with a explanations.

“Hootie and a Heart” support

Hootie and a Heart print d46f142d-7c3c-4916-89db-39f1ba2c92c3_zps83e19240.jpg

we adore stamps and all their folksy charm. we have a whole collection of them.

Up until now we especially used them to adorn nod cards and marriage projects. For this frame, that is small some-more cream in tone nonetheless it photographed some-more white, we picked adult some fun credentials paper during a qualification store. we hammered an owl in gold, a difference “Who do you” in a blue-green, a heart in red and a doubt symbol in a blue-green. The hardest partial for me was removing all lined adult only right. we eyeballed it, but, obviously, we can magnitude it and symbol it with pencil.

we suppose this one unresolved in a small kid’s bedroom.

“Flower Power” support

Flower Power re-size print 55603905-f8ab-4cf0-9e3e-c0a12aa7bfcf_zps71a46bd9.jpg

we took this print while on vacation final year with my G family. We ate during a imagination grill where a waiters gave roses to all of a ladies. we don’t have a biggest camera skills, so it was a portion a shot incited out so good.

we embellished a support a flattering purple shade and used sandpaper to trouble it.

This one, we suppose unresolved only about anywhere we wish to supplement color, maybe during a core of a wall filled with black and white framed images, or subsequent to a silken black or white vanity.

“Thailand Christmas”

Thailand Christmas print b311e885-849e-40dd-a91f-292dddf856bb_zps94cac52e.jpg

A label from my adventurous, intelligent and pleasing niece, Haley, desirous my final frame.

She spent a year operative in Thailand recently, and sent her desired ones Christmas cards while overseas. My striking pattern artist heart has helped learn me that extraordinary art is everywhere. Look during magazines, postcards, and book covers for your subsequent project. It’s also inexpensive and simply updated.

For this frame, we favourite a thought of personification off a abounding colors in a card, that is so flattering on it’s own. we sprayed a support gold, and a heart cut out a blue pad support from a square of print house for me.

Sorry, this one is not adult for grabs. I’m going to find a special mark for it in a home.

But we can win possibly a “Hootie and a Heart” support or a “Flower Power” frame.

Don’t forget to like Amanda Gabeletto Altoona Mirror and leave a criticism before 8 a.m. Tuesday.

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