‘Picture frame’ commissioned during Garden of a Gods

December 16, 2017 - photo frame

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A new further to Garden of a Gods popped adult on Wednesday out of a blue to many visitors.

A blue-frame structure was beheld by park goers on a south side of Garden of a Gods by a High Point Overlook.

“I automatically suspicion we should all take cinema and post them and have fun,” pronounced Colby Locklin who was visiting Colorado Springs and beheld a frame.

The support stands about 12-feet high and outlines a perspective of Pikes Peak. Lettering on a pointer was combined on Friday, it reads “Colorado Springs, Olympic City U.S.A.” The city pronounced with a recognition of Garden of a Gods, a pointer is ostensible to be a family accessible print event and a approach to assistance a bearing of Colorado Springs.

With only a bottom pattern in place currently, some people are already amatory a new addition.

“I was like, ‘It’s a design frame!” pronounced Yarkenda Payne who lives in Colorado and had family visiting, “It captures everything, it tells we a ideal mark to be in so we can get all in a credentials and take a ideal shot.”

Others disagree.

11 News initial posted a design of a support on amicable media Wednesday night and perceived dozens of comments from people who did not support a idea.

“It’s an synthetic edifice that is, in my opinion, foolish and distracts from a healthy beauty of a red silt stone,” pronounced Dave May who would like to see a support removed.

The city of Colorado Springs told 11 News a thought came from other steel frames during scenic spots opposite a globe.

Several spectator comments voiced regard over a miss of open submit about a plan that would eventually be placed in a open park.

11 News searched City Council, Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board agendas for any discuss of a project. We found it was initial mentioned during a “citizen comment” territory of a Feb 2017 Parks and Rec house assembly that started during 7:30 a.m.

According to a assembly minutes, Janet Suthers, a mother of Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, pitched a thought for a support that GE Johnson would donate.

City officials confirmed, that was a final time a matter was discussed publicly.

A city orator pronounced that there is no bidding that requires a Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to collect open submit before commendatory a plan like this one.

“It’s horrible, it’s nauseous on a open square of skill and they’re open servants,” pronounced May.

The city pronounced they will see how people respond to a support before determining it it is a permanent tie in Garden of a Gods.

“I consider it’s great. we know some people might not trust it, like it’s putting something in a healthy land, though we consider it’s smashing for visitors and tourists to come out here and be means to constraint a ideal moment,” pronounced Payne.

The city is now seeking for comments and feedback about a support by their “GoCoSprings” app or online during www.coloradosprings.gov/gocosprings

To foster a finished frame, a city’s veteran photographer will be during a support on Wednesday, Dec 20 and will take cinema of visitors with a support for giveaway between 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

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