PhotoSpring Smart Frame review: Today’s record enhances a print support experience

April 29, 2018 - photo frame


Most people use their smartphones to constraint photos and videos today, pity them around amicable networks. This digital calm is afterwards beheld in flitting on another smartphone or mechanism and afterwards mostly never beheld again. The ability to fast constraint images and video and afterwards share that calm around wireless networks creates digital print frames good again.

While during CES in January, we met with a folks during PhotoSpring and was tender by a Smart Frame complement they were demonstrating. I’ve been regulating one for a past month and detected it is one of a best ways for others to suffer your digital content. As we constraint so many some-more photos and videos given there is always a camera with us, these connected frames might be a best fortitude for family and friends to share your life experiences.

It was 9 years ago that we reviewed one of a many modern, connected frames during a time in a form of a T-Mobile Cameo. That’s right, while many frames compulsory we to manually put photos on an outmost storage card, T-Mobile indeed used wireless connectivity to capacitate print sharing. The subscription use compulsory that we were a T-Mobile patron and a use tighten down after a year or so.

The new PhotoSpring Smart Frame doesn’t have a SIM label like that T-Mobile unit, though uses WiFi to bond to a network and afterwards incorporates today’s pity record and smartphone apps to bond it to a world. You can share a support with family and friends so they can share photos and videos to it, we can download and use a smartphone app to have photos common to a support automatically, and we can share photos and videos to a support from your computer.


  • Display: 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 pixels fortitude touchscreen with 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Storage: 16GB or 32GB with about 2GB used by a system
  • Bands: Standard 22mm rope with discerning recover pins
  • Connectivity: 801.22 b/g/n WiFi
  • Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable with about 4 hour battery life
  • Supported media: JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, MP3, M4V, AVI
  • Audio: Dual 2W stereo speakers
  • Dimensions: 285 x 202 x 18 mm and 725 grams (1.6 pounds)


The PhotoSpring support is accessible in a accumulation of colors, including white, black, maroon, sea froth green, sky blue, and turquoise. A white support was sent for evaluation. Note that a support is mostly white in all cases with a extent accessible in these several colors.

When we initial non-stop a package and took out a PhotoSpring we suspicion it felt a bit massive and a bit cheap, to be honest. However, as we started regulating it we satisfied it is easy to reason in landscape and mural orientations, slides in and out of a charging mount with ease, and when we pass it around during a list or from chair to chair it creates clarity not to have a skinny potion and steel device, such as an iPad, that can simply break. The PhotoSpring doesn’t have any dump resistant rating, though it feels built to withstand a occasional accident.

There is about a 32-33 mm (1.25 inch) extent around a touchscreen display. This creates it easy to reason onto and correlate with a display. The arrangement is splendid and transparent with a plain fortitude for observation photos and videos. The whole front has a silken finish with a edges rising only a bit above a arrangement so a shade is stable if we have it resting face down on a table.

You can perspective a PhotoSpring in landscape or mural course with a wharf openings in a bottom and right side to promote charging in these orientations. There are dual speakers on a bottom (landscape) adjacent to a charging mount opening. A customary 3.5mm headset jack is also positioned to a right of a orator in box we wish to suffer video calm by a headset.

The china energy symbol is centered during a tip of a back. The behind has a matte finish that helps we reason a support in your hands when observation off a stand. The behind is winding from a core down to a edges.






User knowledge on a frame

Setup is discerning and easy as a complement walks we by joining to your WiFi network and afterwards environment adult a PhotoSpring account. An on-screen keyboard appears when we need to enter calm into a margin and a touchscreen is unequivocally manageable to taps. The final step is to upload calm to a PhotoSpring and this is finished around a mechanism or smartphone.

Once we have photos and videos installed onto a PhotoSpring, there are several options accessible for observation your content. You can setup tradition playlists and PhotoSpring even creates default playlists that we can select. You can have calm beheld by date, by plcae (city, state, country), or by chairman pity photos to a PhotoSpring. Filters are accessible so we can bar videos, bar photos, embody photos with or though faces, and more.

By default, calm will switch automatically as partial of a slideshow. If we wish to allege calm faster, we can simply appropriate left or right to fast pierce by your installed content.

If we daub on an picture or video a settings for that calm appears. On this shade we can favorite a content, supplement it to other playlists, censor a content, undo a content, and toggle a slideshow on or off. There are also indicators for time, battery, and WiFi network (these offer as buttons too) in a revoke right dilemma of a display.

Global settings and options seem when we daub a 3 bar menu idol in a tip right corner. A menu appears with settings, support code, connections, WiFi, Get Help, and energy buttons. Settings embody device (brightness, volume, storage status), report (setup a nap report to spin off a display), slideshow (interval time, timeout duration, automobile print formatting, automobile play video toggle, swell indicator toggle, and download indicator toggle), and gesticulate (a beam for a one, two, and 4 finger gestures). There is a 4 finger appropriate down gesticulate to censor a print or video from a slideshow that could be useful if an inapt picture or video is common during a wrong time.

One finger gestures are used to pierce by content, favorite content, and pause/resume a slideshow. Two finger gestures control volume, pierce brazen or behind fast by content, and entrance a PhotoSpring support code.

When a video is playing, reason controls for play, pause, forward, and behind seem too. If we do not have automobile video playback on, an exit video playback choice appears in a tip left dilemma so we can go behind to a slideshow.

Smartphone software

While we can use your mechanism or a web browser to share calm to a PhotoSpring frame, it is expected that calm we wish to share is being constraint on a smartphone so a fastest approach to get calm to a support might be directly from a camera that has a content.

There are iOS and Android PhotoSpring apps to download and implement on your phone. After signing into your PhotoSpring comment we can daub on a Send Photos symbol and afterwards name photos and videos right from your smartphone to share. After selecting calm we name a support we wish to share to (you can have mixed frames connected in a smartphone app), endorse that selection, and afterwards supplement a pretension to a calm if we desire. You can also skip titles if we like.

Another choice for pity calm is to daub on a Manage Frame symbol from a PhotoSpring app home screen. Choose a support to manage, yours or a friends, and afterwards daub on that support image. You will now be presented with device, accounts, and friends options. The PhotoSpring app gives we a toggle to share photos we constraint from your phone automatically to a digital frame. Videos are not upheld by this involuntary choice due to their size. This is a easiest approach to share calm with no bid compulsory by you.

The accounts add-on is not nonetheless active, though Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos icons are shown as destiny involuntary sync options for PhotoSpring. The friends add-on lets we entice friends to share calm to your frame.

The third choice for pity calm is found within a iOS and Android default picture government software. Simply daub a customary share symbol while observation images and video on your smartphone in a customary print browser and afterwards name a PhotoSpring choice to share that calm to. This works on both iOS and Android and is my personal elite process when a involuntary toggle is disabled.

Price and availability

The PhotoSpring Smart Frame is accessible now in several colors for $149 (16GB) or $169 (32GB). If we devise to collect calm from a series of family and friends, afterwards we would hack adult a $20 for double a capacity. The 16GB support should reason about 15,000 photos and a 32GB one about 30,000 photos. Video calm will revoke this number, though there is a 1GB upload extent for videos too.

I beheld if we squeeze by a PhotoSpring site, we are singular to white and black models. Amazon has all 6 tone options accessible with a $10 reward for colors over black and white.

Daily practice and conclusion

The PhotoSpring has proven to be a fun and enchanting approach to perspective calm we find constrained and share it with others. So mostly we see a print or video on a amicable network and afterwards never consider of it again. we also constraint utterly a series of photos with smartphones as we exam them out, nonetheless frequency ever demeanour during them again and some are indeed good shots. The PhotoSpring has supposing a approach for me to get some-more delight out of this content.

It also is expected to be a favorite for relatives and grandparents as family members share photos and videos from those who do not live tighten to any other and can't be a partial of those practice in person. we common a PhotoSpring support formula with my mother and daughters so that we can all share a calm to a PhotoSpring and have a executive repository for observation this with other family members and friends.

PhotoSpring continues to work on other methods for pity calm to a support with involuntary toggles for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos shown as entrance soon. They pivotal to a success of something like PhotoSpring is creation it easy to share calm to a digital support and PhotoSpring is doing good here.

The calm shown on PhotoSpring is downloaded to a support itself and a PhotoSpring is not display photos from a cloud service. Thus, all calm is managed on a PhotoSping frame. You can name mixed equipment on a calm selector shade to supplement to favorites, supplement to albums, hide, and delete. At initial we attempted to figure out how to do this on my phone or computer, though satisfied calm on a support is entrance from mixed sources and people so it unequivocally is best to conduct that calm on a PhotoSpring itself.

Over a past month, we have left from meditative a PhotoSpring was only going to be a tedious digital support to examination to a fulfilment that it is an overwhelming device for display engaging calm and being means to knowledge a universe as seen by family and friends. It is pretty priced, has good designed software, and will continue to urge as some-more pity capability is added.

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