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February 3, 2018 - photo frame

Now that winter is rearing a icy head, we am not one of those people who polish sentimental about fireplaces and heating their homes with open fireplaces or wood/coal blazing stoves or furnaces.

All my life, I’ve listened a sounds that geese make called, honking.” But a spelled-out sounds that a dozens or hundreds of Canadian geese make when they fly over a place, daily, really starts with a w and I’m flattering certain there’s a q in there, nearby a end, as well.

“Whaancq! Whaancq! Whaancq! Whaancq!” Over and over and over. There’s no u after a q in crow speak, that is substantially because aged Daniel Webster left it out of his wonderful, boring book. It defies a ubiquitous manners of spelling in many a same approach this mainstay mostly defies and ignores a manners of grammar. In any event, a sound is not anywhere tighten to what we would call a honk.

Even cars don’t honk anymore. They possibly beep, twitter or sound like they are flitting gas after eating too many soup beans. Occasionally an aged collect adult will still evacuate a virile honk though they’re removing scarcer each day. And, as usual, I’m removing off a point.

Normally, when we go out to a porch, bundled up, for morning coffee and a few puffs of Captain Black around 8 a.m., I’ll hear a geese entrance several seconds before they uncover adult on a southern setting streamer toward one of a dozens of vast plantation ponds that dot a landscape of executive Kentucky. I’m presumption that many ponds are like a one that covers an hactare or so behind my house, a outdoor edges of that horde myriad, plentiful, nautical foliage on that a furious geese feed. Loretta has countless photos of them walking around a pasture that she has shot by a kitchen window.

It’s not surprising to see half a dozen flocks fly over, anywhere from 6 to as many as 25 or some-more per flock, in a march of 15 minutes. About an hour before dim we hear them entrance from a north, headed behind to whatever incomparable seizure that creates them feel protected during night, though where a food supply is apparently slim pickings. we think they are mostly going to or entrance from Lake Linville during Renfro Valley or Maywoods here in Garrard County though we would not place many of a peril on that assumption.

My stream aspiration is to take a sketch of a group or flocks of a drifting geese set opposite some morning or nightfall clouds or even a low blue sky. we can see pronounced photos in my mind’s eye—-a prolonged V with 20 or so geese, ideally lighted, or maybe only half a dozen drifting side by side or in tandem with pompous small clouds in a background. The clouds are infrequently colored adult and infrequently snowy white. You’d be unapproachable to have this design in a vast support adorning a wall in your vital room or basement if we am ever means to take it.

Late final Sunday afternoon/early dusk a semi-adopted son, John Edwards, and his 3 daughters, Shyann, Alyssia and Johnna were visiting from Mount Vernon. John and we were on a porch while we waited for a geese to arrive while a girls were inside personification with a equine dog (a yellow lab who looks like a dog/big as a horse).

The sky had all a makings of an implausible nightfall and it was removing improved all a time. My camera was on a porch swing, within easy strech so we could squeeze it as shortly as we listened a geese coming.

Suddenly John yelled, “Look during that!”

More than a dozen geese, as silently as a full moon during midnight, were already flitting by a really mark we dictated to sketch though bothering to announce their arrival. They were out of steer by a time I’d grabbed my camera.

Five mins after a same unfolding happened again. Without creation a sound, a geese were some-more than median to a tree-line. This time we already had a camera in my hands and we did conduct to get a shot of crow tails going out of steer though it’s not something you’ll ever see in a design frame. we might post it on Facebook.

We sat out there for another half hour or so until a light got so low that we would not have been means to get adequate shiver speed to take a print in pointy concentration and we motionless to take a camera behind inside.

We walked behind out onto a twilighted porch only in time to hear, “Whaancq! Whaancq! Whaancq! Whaancq!”

And, certain enough, here came a ideal V I’d been watchful for. In a suggestion of really green grapes we told John that we couldn’t have taken a sketch anyway.

But rest assured. If a continue warms behind adult we will keep perplexing and we might nonetheless lift it off if a damn things will scream and let me know they’re entrance while a light is still good.

Reach longtime Enterprise columnist Ike Adams during or on Facebook or 249 Charlie Brown Road, Paint Lick, KY 40461.

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