Photo of winning manoeuvre leads to rapist charges

January 27, 2015 - photo frame


A maestro manoeuvre is confronting transgression charges after being indicted of intrigue during a competition during Sam Houston Race Park on Jan. 17. Court annals uncover Roman Eric Chapa, 43, is charged with wrong change on racing.

The rapist review took figure after a sketch of Chapa taken nearby a finish line of a ninth competition was widely circulated by a racing community. Chapa won a $50,000 competition while roving Quiet Acceleration.

Race Park officials pronounced a sketch was snapped by a male engaged to take photos of a races for promotional purposes. The sketch shows what appears to be a tiny beige intent in Chapa’s left hand.

Court annals contend a device seen in Chapa’s palm delivers an electrical startle to a horse.

Race Park officials pronounced a sketch of Chapa was selected to accompany a news recover compelling a day’s races. Court annals prove that inspection of a sketch began shortly after Chapa contacted a photographer and demanded a design be private from a Race Park’s website.

Investigators pronounced a photographer told them Chapa did not give him a specific reason as to since he wanted a sketch removed, usually that “it was a bad picture.”

According to investigators, Chapa denies regulating a device during a competition and claimed a design was photoshopped since “someone was perplexing to support him.”

State annals uncover in 1994 Chapa was fined $2,500 and dangling by a State Racing Commission for regulating a spike to coax his equine during a competition during Trinity Meadows. State annals uncover Chapa was also fined $100 by a Commission in 2012 for attack his equine in a face during a competition during Sam Houston Race Park.

Harris County annals uncover Chapa was condemned in 2002 to 10 days in jail after pleading no competition to a assign of violence a dog with a strap.

In response to a latest accusation, Sam Houston Race Park President Andrea Young sent a matter to Local 2 Investigates: “We are gratified to see a celerity with that a Texas Racing Commission, Texas Department of Public Safety and a Harris County District Attorney’s bureau have changed in their review of Mr. Chapa’s Jan 17th mountain during Sam Houston Race Park. These sorts of actions have no place in a sport, and are a harm to a tens of thousands of people concerned in a competition who play by a manners each day. We will continue to support this review in each approach possible.”

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