Photo of Barrington students labeled ‘KKK’ sparks protest, claims of racism

July 15, 2017 - photo frame

The print exploded a impulse it strike a Internet: Eight white high propagandize girls, any wearing a white shirt, laugh for a camera as some lift their hands to form triangles above their heads. The right side of a support binds 3 letters: KKK.

“(This) is white girls during Barrington High School everyone, always environment good examples!” reads a twitter that appears to have brought a print to open courtesy Monday.

By a subsequent day, Barrington District 220 was underneath encircle from people who believed a gesticulate was meant to copy Ku Klux Klan hoods, and who demanded propagandize officials take movement opposite a students.

That was followed by a tiny criticism during a propagandize Friday morning, where students from Barrington and other area schools collected to demonstrate their grievances.