Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI a User-Friendly Picture Frame

July 1, 2015 - photo frame

Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI a User-Friendly Picture Frame - Clapway

Canadian association Toboggan has only launched a Kickstarter campaign promoting FLIXI, a product that allows framing and unresolved a photo, in reduction than a minute, though any collection or holes in a wall.

Usually a products imagining from record and pattern merging together are impressive. This is no exception. FLIXI has all a characteristics to make a lives easier.

Re-imagining a normal print frame

Let’s be honest. Framing and unresolved photos starts as an sparkling charge though solemnly turns into a vapid and stressful one for many people. Either a support is not true or your landlord asks we to compensate hundreds of dollars from your slot since a wall is now full of holes.

A organisation of Montreal industrial designers and zealous photographers came adult with a solution: creation framing photos “just as simple, extemporaneous and stylish as posting to your practical wall”.

Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI a User-Friendly Picture Frame - Clapway

You don’t need any tools

Unlike required design frames that use nails and hooks, FLIXI attaches to a wall with a double-sided fasten and can be simply private though withdrawal residues on a wall. No holes, no damage.

We all know how severe it can be to place a singular design regulating normal frames. For some paranormal reasons many of a time a design support doesn’t demeanour straight. That “often goes over a extent of a patience,” according to Toboggan’s founders, Laurent and Kurt.

So suppose ideally leveling and aligning a array of cinema to form a gallery of frames though any guesswork. With FLIXI we can. The product has an anchor and built-in turn incorporated into a support as good as a WallSnap complement preventing a glue from adhering to a wall until it’s in a right mark and level.

Furthermore, FLIXI is flexible, easy to insert and remove; it’s fast and plain distinct a skinny potion of required frames, so creation it totally protected even to have an army of kids using around your house.

Fully committed to internal manufacturing, this organisation of designers done certain that FLIXI also works as a tabletop frame, and that it comes in 8 colours.

Use an app to preview your destiny wall

The association combined a web focus that helps users preview their destiny wall. You can upload cinema and build your possess gallery wall.
Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI a User-Friendly Picture Frame

Over a past 16 years, this organisation of Canadian designers has been formulating witty and aware interactive practice and objects, such as a award-winning Xenith football helmet and Capsul Case, for many a best minimalist wallet in a world.

For some-more information about FLIXI check out their Facebook page, Twitter comment and Kickstarter campaign.

Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI a User-Friendly Picture Frame - Clapway


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