Photo Box Pro for Windows 10 aims to rouse your images

February 18, 2017 - photo frame

Photo Box Pro is a giveaway print editor that is accessible for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as good as Xbox One.

The photography app has a horde of filters, adjustments and effects to excellent balance your photos and give them a small boost.

Along with a decent print editor, Photo Box Pro offers a slideshow apparatus to arrangement your photos and a abyss of margin calculator that can come in accessible as we constraint your images. The giveaway chronicle provides we entrance to a core modifying tools, and a good operation of facilities that can be combined to a editor by in-app purchase.

Photo Box Pro does miss that veteran editor feel we have with Fhotoroom or Fantasia Painter, though for discerning edits on a go it is a Windows 10 print editor value considering.

Photo Box ProPhoto Box ProPhoto Box Pro

Photo Box Pro opens adult to a required menu with options to burst to a several collection within a app. You can perspective your picture gallery, bucket an picture to edit, launch a camera app to constraint a new photo, emanate a print slideshow and perspective a Depth of Field Calculator. If all we need is to stand an image, Photo Box Pro also has an choice to bypass a editor and burst right to a gathering tool.

In observation an picture or slideshow, a array of navigation buttons lines a tip and bottom of a picture display. Along a tip of a display, there is a menu symbol that pulls down a navigation menu and buttons to launch a slideshow, enhance a picture full screen, share a image, as good as a behind button. Across a bottom of a arrangement are options to rate a application, launch a print editor, perspective a EXIF record data, and a mislay button.

Photo Box ProPhoto Box ProPhoto Box Pro

The editor itself has a somewhat cluttered feel, generally on a Windows 10 Mobile phone. The giveaway chronicle of Photo Box Pro is ad supported, and a ensign ad cooking into your workspace. Editing collection line a shade next your image, and buttons to save and mislay edits are positioned in a upper-right dilemma of a display. Along a really bottom of a modifying shade we can find options to launch a gathering apparatus and to save your edited photo. Cropping options embody several preset gathering sizes (4×3, 4×6 and 8×10, for example) as good as a tradition stand size.

Photo Box ProPhoto Box ProPhoto Box Pro

Photo Box Pro has a good collection of modifying collection in a giveaway chronicle of a print editor, including:

  • Adjustments — Here we can adjust a image’s brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, color, sharpness, temperature, blur, sound levels and vignette.
  • Filters — This is a collection of 21 effects filters that embody lomo, antique, nightfall and fog.
  • Black and White (BW) — If grayscale images are some-more your tastes, here you’ll find a collection of 17 black and white filters to request to your images.
  • Drawing — This is a collection of 16 blueprint character filters to give your photos that hand-drawn feel.
  • Frames — There are 17 support styles to approximate your picture with.
  • Magic — This organisation of collection includes 24 special effects filters that can supplement fire, lightning, stars and fireworks to your images.
  • Funny — If we are looking for a some-more epitome proceed for your photos, this collection has 16 filters that warp, turn and melt your images.

Additionally, by in-app purchase, we can supplement 7 enlargement packs of filters. These filter packs can be combined away or bundled. Prices operation from $0.99 to $5.99.

Photo Box Pro

The modifying knowledge is distant some-more pleasing on a incomparable shade of a Windows 10 PC. The Windows 10 Mobile chronicle is only too cramped, generally with a ad banner. It requires we to make an in-app squeeze of $3.99 or aloft to mislay a ad support and giveaway adult some genuine estate.

Along with a close feel, a user interface is clunky. The app offers copiousness of facilities and modifying collection though spreads them out too much. we would have elite to have seen a categorical menu singular to a slideshow tool, entrance to a editor and a abyss of margin calculator.



As is, Photo Box Pro has intensity and is a value try. The app only needs some work on a user interface and maybe an easier approach to get absolved of a ad banners. we don’t consider Photo Box Pro could reason adult to critical editing, and it competence work best as an choice for quick, elementary edits. If we have attempted Photo Box Pro, let us know what we consider in a comments.

Download Photo Box Pro from a Windows Store

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