Peter Berlin’s racy print vaunt impresses with artistic brawn

October 16, 2014 - photo frame

At San Francisco’s Magnet, a happy men’s health core in a Castro district, Peter Berlin spoke during a Oct. 3 accepting for his sketch exhibition, “Photographer/Porn Star/Gay Icon.” He privately referenced a Facebook post that advertised his art show, emphasizing that a post amassed about 32 comments — some with really horrible language.

“(That) viciousness and negativity — it is what we used to live by when we walked a streets as Peter Berlin,” he said.

Even as he reminisced on a open disregard he faced as a happy porn star, Berlin stood unapologetically with his unrelenting certainty in front of a wall of his categorically pleasing self-portrait film photographs. Visible nowhere in Magnet was a blatant homophobia of a ’70s — a primary of Berlin’s career, that was an epoch when he determined “the many tangible amorous happy masculine imagery,” according to his web biography. Unsurprisingly so, a opening night gallery captivated a full residence of admirers, and Berlin, both an adult film star and detailed artist, carried himself humbly about by a throng smitten by his artistic output.

The knowledge, skill, caring and film-processing ability with that he approaches his photographs are roughly astonishing for someone as inclusive in a attention as Berlin.

Patrons can declare gems such as a vintage, colored, grainy print of Berlin in a high weed field, where he bends retrograde until he is together to a belligerent — with one palm ancillary his physique weight and a other on his make penis. His facial countenance is impersonal nonetheless still inviting. He endows a ruminative, roughly stoic peculiarity to his nakedness that entrances a viewer, giving a nuanced cultured to pornography. And to sketch oneself while progressing an construction in an impeccable, muscle-demanding poise is a attainment totally over a bottom of porn’s reputation.

But to fixate usually on his penis, his exposed back and his physique distracts from a beauty of his work.

There are photographs of Berlin opposite castle-like design and of him brandishing his artistic muscle in a warehouse, and there are several with titillating, beautiful subjugation and prevalence themes. Earthy hues and authentic film combination constraint his signature shoulder-length blond hair as it is undone about — any print reading like an artifact of a well-recognized career

Black-and-white photos with striking, skilful poses showcase a best of his passionate allure, puzzling expressions and aspiring modeling. Some underline dual images of Berlin’s physique in a same frame, tricking a eye and withdrawal one to consternation how he self-photographed and seamlessly blended dual images of himself together.

One of these double-bodied photos presents a bare Berlin on his knees, resting his bum on his feet. He exposes a side perspective of his physique as he gazes upward. To a right of him is a standing, entirely dressed Berlin, returning a gawk of his double in a clever stance. Viewers can understand a crowd of revelation contrasts in only this singular photo, as with many others.

As many photos were shop-worn in growth or during storage over time, Berlin took to portrayal by palm over his portraits. This bestows an immersive dimension of detailed record and 2-D coloring, forcing a spectator to postponement and compute between life and novella in his art — a thesis identical to what some might understand as a inconsistency between Berlin and his loyal identity, Armin Hagen Freiherr von Hoyningen Huene, and between porn star and artist.

His career spans many disciplines that operation from photography and filmmaking to modeling, behaving and designing.

For any sketch in that Berlin is clothed, he wears dashing, strong costumes that he once designed and sewed himself. From leather jackets and Greek fisherman hats to a accumulation of colorful, skin-tight pants, any mantle is styled by Berlin with exquisite fit and choice taste. His dedicated construction and singular conform vaunt a joining to fact and artistic talent that is manifest in any frame.

At a Magnet print exhibit, attendees will indeed see Berlin as photographer, porn star and happy idol — though they will, many astoundingly, see Berlin as a loyal artist.

“Photographer/Porn Star/Gay Icon” is on perspective during Magnet in San Francisco until Oct. 31.

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